July, August, September Gross $5580

Hi. I didn’t realize I haven’t posted my gross sales between two platforms for three months. I can’t believe it has been that long. Anyways, back to the numbers right?

Between eBay & Poshmark I sold $5580. Even though I hate eBay for various reasons, these numbers made me realize I’m still not ready to leave eBay.

On eBay between July-September I grossed $3270. For Poshmark between July & September I grossed $2310. Even if you factor in the difference for shipping on eBay ( when I do taxes, shipping is counted as income), I still profit a little more there. I still prefer the user friendly aspect of poshmark.

I could go on a long spiel on why I didn’t update my numbers but it was for various things I had to take care of first. Btw, it’s fourth quarter! If you are a reseller, are you working like crazy just listing? My sales have picked up, I just wish I made listing more a priority.

This is why my number are considered low for me personally. I haven’t been listing as much as I usually do. I hope to do better and be prepared for Quarter 1 ( that’s usually my best selling quarter).


June 2019 $1750 In Sales

Hello. For the month of June I grossed $1750.00 between both eBay & Poshmark. It’s not so bad compared to last few Junes. I made a little extra, and I used that extra money to buy more inventory.

I know I had plans to pay off my student loans with any extra profit, but I couldn’t pass up a good deal when my reseller radar starts beeping. I did some retail arbitrage with it and hopefully it pays off during the holidays. Except I only listed those items on Poshmark. During the holidays, returns are my highest. Returns are what I hate as a fashion reseller so having it on poshmark will be less of a headache compared to eBay’s lax return system.

On poshmark my gross sales are $1,000. On poshmark its $750.00. Keep in mind eBay I consider shipping as part of my gross sales for tax purposes. Before shipping its probably closer to the poshmark sales. Anyways hope your summer is good. July sales seems to be looking good for me, even though I have a couple of high dollar returns coming back.

May 2019 $2200 In Sales

For the month of May I did $2200 in sales between both eBay & Poshmark. I’m pretty happy with my numbers. I was able to list more than I usually do which is close to 150 items. Before that I was barely getting 100 items up. I’m hoping for June I’m able to list close to 200 items.

Summer slow down is approaching. Usually the next three months I spend time relisting, inventory, and getting rid of duds in my store. Sales do drop for me but we are usually prepared by always having a small savings set aside.

Aside from reselling, my son has regressed from potty training. I am frustrated because potty training is not easy. It’s not super hard but it really keeps me from doing things that needs to be done. I’m hoping during my husband’s weekend we will try again. Maybe bringing the pull ups back was a bad idea.


April 2019 $1750 Sales

Hi. I did roughly $1,000 in sales on eBay (This includes shipping) and $750 on poshmark ( Does not include shipping). This is just a quick post of my sales. I do not remember what sales number I did last year but I know it was more than that. I did get other things accomplished outside my reseller life.

April I was finally able to get my son potty trained. He is not 100% trained but the progress is far ahead what I expect of him. He is able to do #1 but #2 isn’t as routine. The past 4 days he didn’t do  #2 and I was so worried. I put him in pull ups, because throwing away perfectly good toddler underwear is expensive ( It takes time to clean and it’s disgusting for  #2). What a relief it has been to not worry if he will pee/poo on our bed. One of his favorite spots in our home is our bed and last time I had to do two loads of laundry just to clean everything that was peed on ( one for our foam layer, and the other for the sheets/pillows).

I’m thinking of putting him in pull ups on days I decided to list. This way I don’t have to keep asking him and brushing his crotch checking to see if he peed. My son just turned 3 a few months ago. He doesn’t talk much ( not conversating ) but knows a ton of words. So this potty training is taking a little more time.

Anyways, I’m still happy sales came. I have so much stuff to list right now.


March 2019 $2050 In Sales

Hello all. Between Posh & eBay I did $2050 in sales. I only listed 82 items. I really need to step up my listing game. I currently have 700 items listed in my eBay ( about 540 crossposted on poshmark).

This year I feel like I haven’t gotten into a good routine of just running my home, taking care of my toddler, and reselling. I use to list so much more and beat myself over still thinking it’s not enough listings. I can’t feel totally bad. My items are selling and I feel I have a better grasp of having good inventory.

Brands I’m not picking up anymore are Lularoe, brands from anthropologie such as left of center, and michael stars, basic white house black market items, etc.


February 2019 $1,900 In Sales

Last month was pretty bad for me in sales. For one thing I didn’t list very much. I also got sick with the flu, and hurt my back trying to potty train my son. It’s ok since I didn’t source for inventory very much in January so paying bills wasn’t nerve racking.

It’s a habit I’m trying to get rid off. Paying off the amount I spent on inventory last month using the current month’s sales. I would like to be at the point where I’m paying it off quicker. It has happened a few months last year where I had to tell my husband I have to “borrow” from our savings to pay off part of my credit card bill. He never minds because I am the one putting most of the savings from my profits.

I have a feeling March won’t be good either since we took a vacation for almost a week for my son’s birthday. I am not worried about it. As long a we have a roof over our head, we are relatively healthy,  and have time for each other. That’s the good life to us.

January $2200

Hello. I’m just posting a bit before getting back to doing parenting stuff. I’m potty training my toddler and it’s not easy. Anyways, between eBay/Poshmark my gross sales is $2200. Keep in mind that number includes shipping charged to buyer. If you wonder why I included the shipping, shipping is reported as income. If you have to ask, then that means you haven’t been paying your taxes. If you are, you need to consult with your CPA if you are even paying your taxes correctly.

Poshmark: My Sharing Stats

In December 2018 I made a somewhat resolution to up my poshmark sharing. Last year I averages about maybe 22,000 -25,000 personal closet shares a month. This year I wanted to up that number to 30,000 shares a month. I ended January 2019 with an average of 25,000.

I’m a little peeved at my self because 30,000 shares of a month is doable. 30,000 shares a month of my poshmark closet is at least two full poshmark closet shares a month. I currently have over 500 listings there. It usually takes 20-30 min for each full share. Since it’s not physically demanding, nor is it rocket science, you think I would be able to do it. I will try to do better in February.

Note: I do not support Bots to share for me.

Why I’m Not Sharing My eBay & Poshmark Stores

 “What’s your store or closet name?” This question has come up from time to time. I have shared it in the past. Though I want to be very clear why I don’t now. If you feel that by not sharing it, the information is fake. If that’s how you feel, then I can’t stop you. I share numbers to inform people how I’m able to contribute to my family’s income. Not to convince you I’m a reseller Guru. If you learn something along the way, then that’s great! Here are the reasons why I don’t.

1) There is a theory on how views can affect the eBay “algorithm”. Meaning if people are viewing, but not buying, it pushes me lower in search. That theory is enough for me to not share it. The whole “algorithm” is very complex. I’m not even going to try to explain it because even I’m not sure. There is more than searching that can affect how your eBay store is seen.

2) My prices on both platforms can be different. I run sales frequently on eBay, and price drop, and send offers on poshmark frequently that by sharing my store would confuse potential customers. Having two different set prices for both platforms is a turn off. While the price different really isn’t a huge amount, it’s just very confusing to a buyer who knows I have two stores. I have also come across people who message me through the app about buying from the other. I do not want to come across that because I can lose my accounts for selling on different platforms.

3) I’m still learning inventory control. I’m still very new to selling on two platforms. I don’t want to ever sell an item on the platform at the same time. Having to cancel a sale on eBay really affects your top rated status. I’m not sure about poshmark, but I’m sure if it happens enough, the consequences is probably not being seen to customers.

4) Eventually I would like to sell on one platform only. Right now I have 11,000 in student loan debt. Once that debt is paid, then I will decide if I will stay with either eBay or Poshmark. I could always keep doing both, but I won’t know until I achieved that goal.

I will still try to answer questions. I’m not an expert by any means. Both apps/platforms changes throughout the year that the whole idea of “Anybody can do it” should come with a disclaimer. Listing is easy. Until you you have to deal with an INAD (item not as described) or returns.

2018 : $27,500 In Sales

Hi all. I finally finished my quarterly taxes for 2018. I was quite shocked with the sales I made considering I haven’t been working on reselling as much as I wanted to. My husband works so much more now since his promotion, so my reselling life has always been prioritized less. My son of course is #1, My home and family time is #2, and Reselling is always last.

I do feel a little burned out but I think it’s from not managing my time well. I am glad I sold more compared to 2017. It shows I made more profit, and the inventory I sold definitely has a higher average sale price ( ASP ). I’ve honestly just been sourcing better.

Even though I have been reselling part time for years now, I still feel like I could curate my inventory better. I still don’t know who I’m catering to. I pretty much stick to 25-55 year old women.

Poshmark has been good to me 2018. I’m just surprised how much it has added to my sales. I roughly sold 7,000 there so I’m happy. Ebay has been good in terms of sales since it is still the platform I sell the most on. Though Poshmark had a few months last year it beat out eBay, and I can’t believe that even happen considering I still have more inventory on eBay. Right now both platforms have almost the same amount of inventory. Ebay just has more in terms of auctions because I do get 500 free auction listings a month ( it’s part of my subscription).

So for 2019 I will be sharing just numbers with you. Nothing special, no hauls, just numbers. I hope 2019 will be better for all of you. Btw I won’t be sharing my stores names. I know a lot of people hate that, but I’ve seen how the internet is with resellers, and I don’t want to be stressed out with my algorithms. Perhaps I’ll explain it more in the future in my next post.