Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there lived this couple (us) who were planning a wedding. Something small ( less than 100 guests) and perhaps that reflected their style. Oh style you say? What style is that? AFFORDABLE AND DEBT FREE (okay I admit there was no particular style other than the colors to match the current season).  To have this wedding they planned to DIY a majority of their decors and favors, cut the guests list, and held their reception at a beautiful restaurant. In addition to that they saved and worked hellish long hours for two years. It also helped that their parents gifted half of the funds.

Then they went to have an amazing honeymoon. You know what happens at the honeymoon? You throw your budget in the air and drink and shop and forget about the budget and constantly remind yourself “This is a special moment. We are not going to worry about money.” Worry about money we didn’t and hey next time were on a cruise we are going to have to lay off the alcohol and smoothies. Not so fun getting off the boat fatter and realized you blowed your wedding money gifts on booze.

After the wedding and honeymoon this couple came home realizing parts of their home needed an upgrade. So they bought a few things here and there. De-cluttered here and there. Bought even MORE things here and there.  Then some emergencies came long. Luckily it was just car related and not health related. Then the holidays came along and that bled them dry by the time January 2014 rolled along.

So here we are. At least the wife (me). Just realized our savings is a little sad and needs friends. For the past few weeks of January I’ve been keeping track where our money was going. It’s definitely going somewhere but no where in our savings.  My baker man is the sole earner of this family and I left my job to manage my online store on eBay. With that in mind we are not bringing home as much as we use to. We are happier though with me working from home.  It’s both our decision for me to be the stay at home parent when that times comes. Right now we are trying to get use to the idea.


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