Dropping the budget bomb

My husband was so sweet during his days off. He spent the weekend cooking wonderful meals AND actually pick up after himself. So I felt horrible when I dropped the b-bomb. You know the budget bomb. The “Hey, we can’t afford things we want” bomb. I tried to gently tell him we are ok but you know how money is to a man’s ego. They don’t want to hear they’re not bringing home enough bacon. It had to be done and honestly when is the best time to talk about these things? So I did and I wasn’t surprised he freaked out when he saw my spreadsheets. So after a day of worrying he finally listen to my budget plan.

I told him we have to plan a budget. We are making enough to live within our means, but if we really want to have kids, buy a new car for him eventually, and move we really need to see where our money was going. In a way we weren’t frequently spending on frivolous things here and there but after our wedding, honeymoon, car repairs, holidays, my birthday trip, it started to worry me. Our savings is nearly depleted. Then he started to worry. I gently remind him that as a married couple we now have to look at our budgets TOGETHER. No more “Don’t worry about it, we have the money (His frequent response when I wanted to buy something).” I understand why he would feel as if he’s not making enough ( He is in my opinion). He comes from a family where his father provided financially and his mother was a homemaker.

Since I told him I’m still tracking our January spending, we will discuss in February where to cut down, and how to bring more money in. I feel we need a month of general spending to figure out a sensible plan. For now “wants” will have to be put aside for a while. Overall we have some things going for us:

1.We don’t have credit card debt and we ALWAYS pay in full.
2.We don’t eat fast food very often or eat out more than twice a week.
3.Our grocery bill is ok since we don’t purchase red meat, and microwavable or junk food very often.
4.My online selling business is at least making enough profit to pay my bills.
5.Both our cars are paid off (Still driving the cars we had in college).
6.My townhome is making some profit at least.
7.My couponing saves us at least $100 a month on groceries, and household things.
8.He generally doesn’t spend much without informing me first.
9.We have a good health insurance from his company.
10.We both have similar money goals.

So stay tune to find out our budget plan!


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