Finding my motivation during slow months

I hate to admit this but my business profits was abysmal these last few months. My figures are definitely higher compared to last year’s but back then I was working full time and online selling part time only. Am I not working enough? Are my products not good enough? Then to make matters worse, sellers within my category (of course with more inventory ) were still selling pretty well.

Sometimes I get discouraged and feel I’m not cut out for this. I end up dealing with this discouragement in the worse way possible. I look at the want Ads. I eat more junk food. Sometimes I  lowball my sales.  I hit the buffet line and eat the worse foods possible like cheesecake and macaroni and cheese ( I’m lactose). I can go on and on. So I decided to analyze what I have been doing different lately.

These last few months I have not been listing within my niche very much. Since I consign on the side within my store for another company I’ve been putting a big chunk of my energy to them and not to my store. I also stopped having daily auctions 4-5 times a week (10-20 items ending per day). I only put once a week auctions ending on Sunday. So how did I find my motivation? How did I get my can do attitude and self confidence back?

I visit my favorite sellers stores again and changed my store to mirror theirs. A favorite clothing seller of my had a category for her clothing for men and women organized by “Shop by size”. I decided to do that to. I also streamlined my categories to only 20 categories. After a grueling few days of organizing my eBay store I feel it looks “cleaner” and more streamlined.

I also started to go through my inventory and get rid of clothing that did not sell within the last year. I combined them in to auction clothing lots.  I’m going to start doing this monthly. List 1 auction clothing lot per month. This way it will force me to evaluate my inventory more.

Since doing all this I realized a key important category I’m not paying attention to. My women’s plus size section is embarrassingly low.  Knowing that has forced me to source for clothing within that section for the time being until it is at least comparable in numbers to the rest of the sizes I carry.

I know I can always look for another job but I think I should give this online selling 1 year. The benefits of working from home certainly outweighs working a regular job. My husband loves that I’m home, learning about new products is always fun, and the freedom I have to plan my life has kept my stress levels down.


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2 thoughts on “Finding my motivation during slow months

  1. Michelle Johnson February 3, 2014 at 8:20 am Reply

    Sounds like you’re a bit discouraged at the moment. Why don’t you try learning something new – does your store have a facebook page or a twitter account? Sometimes a few followers can make you feel like the people out “there” are really supporting you and interested in your work. Or you could consider joining a real or virtual networking group to share your thoughts with other work from home businesses?

    Looking forward to following your progress and celebrating the successes with you – have fun! Michelle

    • mythrifthaunt February 6, 2014 at 7:16 am Reply

      Thank you Michelle for your comment. I have pondered opening a pinterest account for some time now. This might help a bit.

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