1st Week of February Treasures

You know how hard it is to walk away from items you buy for $1.00 that has the potential to sell for $20? I did and instead of me buying 60 items a week , I’m buying about 30-40 items. I usually leave a Thrift/Discount store with bags of items that range from 20-40 items twice a week. Now I leave with 1 bag of 10 items. Multiply that by 2 ( Days I source) I’m lucky to even hit over 20 items to list.

I usually try to list at least 4x a week 10 items per day. I guess I need to add another sourcing day to my schedule. At least I am coming home with better things. Here are some things I found. The total of these 4 items I spent is around $20.00 (After discounts). Listed are the retail prices.

IMG_6925                                                                          Husky Plush $2.99

I’m not a major plush seller but I just like buying these things. Who doesn’t smile with a giant plush in their cart? I do sell them consistently which is why it is one of the few type of items I’m willing to buy outside my niche.

IMG_6895                                                                  Alaia cropped blazer $6.99

The first time I heard of Alaia was from one of my favorite high school movies Clueless. So when I saw the label and inspected the quality, I was excited to gently drop it in my cart. It is my first Alaia piece. I’m not sure what to list this for so I’m putting it on auction. Clothing is my main niche so to have this in my store will hopefully bring in some fashionistas traffic.


Lucky Brand Leather Bag $9.99

Thrift stores have a bad habit of putting what they consider a top seller in their locked shelves. They are always filled with mass produced bag, or even fake ones. This beauty was NOT behind those expensive shelves. If it was I’m sure they would have priced it at $49+. I always check any quality looking bags and if it is a desirable brand I don’t hesitate to shell out $7.50 (minus $25%).IMG_6855                                                             Tommy Bahama Silk Shirt $8.99

My men’s section is seriously lacking. I was happy to add this to my store. The graphics were stunning and a nice change from the sea of hibiscus prints I’m use to finding. I think Banana leaves screams tropical print any day.

All this is just a tip of the iceberg with what I left home. I spent $50.00 as of this Wednesday. I hope to find some more items at the end of the week.



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