Virtual Tools of a Small(Tiny) Online Business

Last month, January, was the first time I tracked our finances. Involved in our finances is the cost of running my eBay store. It was interesting to see how much it really cost to have it up and running. Considering that I have nearly 700 items, it really takes more than just having eBay to run as efficiently as possible. Here are the virtual tools I use to run my business.

1. Ebay. I currently have a preminum subscription for $59.99 a month.

2.Auctiva. I use them for graphics for my listings. I know many sellers who prefer to have all their listings with a “branded” format, but since I sell clothing for all seasons, men, women, and children, I like to offer a more festive listing for each. I currently pay $9.95 a month. (formally What a filing tax saver! I don’t spend hours wondering if I’m doing my quarterly taxes right anymore. I paid $100 last year for a whole year which comes out to $8.33 a month. I mail an average of 40-70 packages a month. The subscription is saving me tons since tracking # is free. I pay $15.99 per month.

5.Excel. Even though I have Godaddybookkeeping, I still need to keep track of my inventory, and COGS (Cost of goods sold), and mileage.

TOTAL COSTS PER MONTH: $94.26. Without my store fees per listing.

Now let’s say I don’t sell anything at all in a month. With each listing being a nickel each, the real cost to have the store on eBay is $35.00+ $59.99.


Less than $130 for my business per month! Hey that’s cheaper than any brick and mortar store leasing fees. There are also travel, COG, and don’t forget the sweat equity it takes it run as well, but there is something special about working in a bath robe with any music on that makes it worth it.

Even if I decide to get a “job” I would only do it part time because having my own business has it’s perks. I’m not working for anybody but myself, increase time spent with my husband, not obligated to deal with douche customers, and the ability to turn off the computer if I need to get away from it all.


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