2nd Week of February Treasures

Hi. My name is Mai and I’m addicted to thrifting. SO addicted that when the 2nd week of February hit I immediately went thrift shopping in my least favorite store and at the worst possible day for discounts (Sunday).This budget I gave myself ($100 a week) for inventory really dries up in the middle of the week. After a few days of NOT buying I realize I must have a problem. How do I know? After a couple of days I felt the 2nd week is soooo slooow to come. I couldn’t stop thinking about shopping. Then when I parked at the thrift store I realize I had an addiction.

I know almost all the things I shop for is for my eBay store but come on. It’s not like it’s selling like hot cakes. I’m determine not to be that person. Now I’m just really motivated to stick to my budget. Luckily I have been sticking to it because I’m being really selective with what I buy.

Oh well here are some goodies I came home with:

I spent a total of $20 for these items.


1.Dudley Do Right Nurse Scrub Top

I’ve never heard of Dudley  Do Right ( I wasn’t raised in the US) but I picked it up because the graphics were awesome and was unisex.


2. New York & Company silk graphic plus size skirt.

I’m still trying to add more to my plus size section. Since thrifting in the plus size section , I realized there isn’t a market for really nice clothes compared to S M L. Any beautiful clothing I can find in plus sizes at a good price goes in my cart.


3. White Casual Clark’s Ballet Flats

Ballets flats are a hot seller in my store IF they are a good brand. I hope to sell these in a few months. White is not exactly popular but the style is.


4. Royal Copenhagen Crystal Vase

Before I was ready to leave the thrift store, I saw an employee placed this on the shelf. I saw it standing in a sea of cheap vases. Priced at $4.99 . What a steal! So beautiful that I’m tempted to keep it BUT it does not fit with our décor.


5. Fitz & Floyd Cocoa Pot

Christmas items are a slow seller throughout the year. I still bought this because of the name and it’s still a collectible piece.


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