February a month of bad luck… or is it?

February has never been my favorite month. My former coworker and I had this theory about February. February is bad luck. Just something about it seems to attract the worst situations. Is it because it’s tax season? Maybe its a bad month for chinese astrology dogs? Shorter month? We don’t know and have come up with all sorts of stupid reasons and honestly its just me… and her.

You know how my February is going? Let’s see, received my first NEGATIVE ever on eBay from the worst customer/competitor, had an impatient customer who did not understand weather conditions can affect shipping, I was sick for a week (I’m better now), started playing too much video games ( Damn you Rune Factory Frontier!),  my palate started to become obsess with Hershey’s raspberry chocolate kisses, etc. It’s like a series of bad habits that just happened to decide February was a great month to let loose.

I know it is all in my head and this is how I dealt with them. After calming down about the negative on eBay I asked myself “Why am I letting this one customer/competitor affect me?”. There is no reason why I should let ONE person actions or opinion about my status as a seller affect me. I dealt with the rest of the problems by:

1. Replying to the impatient customer as calmly as possible that sometimes eBay shipping estimates do not consider weather conditions, and msg her tracking # again. Eventually the item came and the customer thanked me for keeping tabs with her ( something she doesn’t get from buying from corporate run stores)

2. I took a break from thrifting and doing outdoor chores by resting. I was my perky self within a week.

3.Gave myself a time limit on the video games or treated it as a reward for getting everything done on my list.

4.DIDN’T BUY ANY MORE CHOCOLATES. Even though I know its a flavor that I won’t see for a while. I knew I ate too much because I was starting to get headaches.

It’s 8 days from being March and I realize perhaps this whole February being bad luck is really a product of my own actions and emotions. I have so many things that I want to accomplish within a day, week, month, and year. I shouldn’t let these little “setbacks” stop me from accomplishing my goals. So I changed my attitude and reminded myself my goals. That I need to get them done not just for me, but for my husband as well. I need to get them done for my business to run as efficient as possible. If a series of unfortunate events happens again I don’t beat myself up but motivate myself to not succumb to them by convenience.


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