3rd Week of February Treasures

Even though I was stuck at home for most of the week I was still able to go thrifting. I mostly sell clothing but I’m trying to branch out out of my niche in hopes to capture a variety of customers. The total I spent on these items is $20.

IMG_7051                                                             Plus size tee with shoes graphics

I’m still in the middle of stocking my plus size section. This went perfectly with what I already had in my store.

IMG_7029                                                           Bebe halter dress

I know I said I wouldn’t stock my S M sizes but they do carry more items to thrift through and I needed a break from the overprice plus sizes. I guess thrift stores assume since plus sizes are more material they get to charge more.


Dr  Martens floral clogs

I thought at first these were Dansko clogs (popular brand of shoes worn by nurses) but the yellow threading threw me thinking these are Doc Martens instead. Who knew Dr Martens made clogs like these? I always buy and sell Dr Martens if they are in good-great condition. It doesn’t matter what year just as long as the condition is decent. Dr Martens are shoes I can barely keep in my store for a few months.

IMG_7064                                                          Thermal bento box

I know what your thinking. Who in their right mind would carry a lunch box so big? Lots of people. People who are dieting, construction workers, people who work more than 8 hours a day, etc. would carry this. This is an older model of bento but the pieces inside were new. I was tempted to keep it but then I remembered I eat at home often even during thrifting days.


Deletta top

Supposedly this is an Anthropologie brand? I can’t confirm it but it is a popular brand. Every time I stock this brand (unfortunately I don’t find them often) I sell them within a few weeks. If not I’m constantly getting msgs from customers with offers and other questions.

Anthropologie store items are great sellers on eBay. Not all of them but the majority of them purchased at a cheap price is often able to make a decent profit. I can’t really name brands they carry (Odille is something I watch out for) since they frequently change designers.

I still came home with some things to sell even though I thrifted much less this week. I hope I end this month with much better sales than last year. I’ve actually doubled my sales from last year but I want to end the month by tripling it.


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