Week 4 of Thrifted Treasures

With my budget of $100 a week I’ve been coming home with much less inventory than I use to. I’m use to listing around 160-180 items per month. This month I barely went over 110. Yet my average per listing sold is now  $30. Last month I sold 48 items for $1300. This month I sold 50 for $1550. This also includes the consignment part of my business ( will blog another time for that). I’m listing less but my items are selling more. I am happy about this because the more I stick with selling items that are worth more, the less I have to list. With more time I can focus on other things like blogging, or finding a part time job. Enough babbling… here are my thrift treasure for week 4. I spent $18 on all 4 items.

Neiman Marcus yellow straw bag

I honestly bought it because of the name and the quality is pretty good for a straw bag. I can see someone who is going on vacation to a beach town or a cruise purchasing this.

Marciano fuschia skirt

There is many things going on with this skirt that attracts a diversified customer base. Animal print lover, fashionistas, and even perhaps can be part of a costume. Don’t forget the name brand Marciano. I always associate Marciano with good quality pieces. This brand sells well within my S M sizes.


Fritz & LLoyd general store 1998

MUST STOP BUYING CHRISTMAS STUFF. My store is not holiday base but I keep finding great quality Christmas items. I love this though! It lights up and plays music. Unfortunately I don’t have a Christmas village and I’m not planning to start one in the next few years. I must stop! Unless it’s Radko…or Disney….Department 56…I think I have a problem.


Dooney & Burke Hearts bag

Remember this line? I think it the one of the prints Lindsay Lohan was an ambassador way back before her downfall. I got lucky with this one. The price was pennies on the dollar & the thrift store employee just put it out as I was passing by. Dooney & Burke is a decent brand if the price is right. This with my discount was less than  $5. It clearly  looks used but I think I can eventually sell it for $39.00 (with free shipping).


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2 thoughts on “Week 4 of Thrifted Treasures

  1. jesuswasaprimate February 28, 2014 at 5:32 am Reply

    Love the yellow straw bag! I’m sure you’ll sell it quickly.

    Great finds!

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