You have more than you think you do.

It’s funny how sometimes  you forget that you really have so much in your life. For example I was just on Facebook looking at my feed and already there is a whole lot of bragging on what birthday gifts people received, vacations they went on, expensive hard to reserve restaurants people ate at, etc. I start to compare myself to what people have and what I don’t have. Shouldn’t I be getting manicures? Maybe it’s time for a new car too. Perhaps it’s time for another shopping spree. These thoughts creep up in my mind and I’m upset with myself for even thinking I need more. Before I woke up this morning I was content with my life. I have everything I need and more.

You probably have more than you need . I know this current economy isn’t forgiving for many families but if you keep thinking of the things you don’t have, you are forgetting about the things to be thankful for. I was feeling this way today because of thinking of things I want but don’t need. I started to worry and I felt sorry for myself then immediately I reminded myself I was happy before logging in to Facebook. So I dug up my trusty old trick of when I was feeling down. I close my eyes and named immediately 5 things that I should be thankful for.

My 5 things/people I’m thankful for are:

1.My husband who supports my eBay Business and who makes marriage effortless.

2.My family. Even though they can be my worst critic they are also people who truly are always looking out for me.

3.We have enough money to live on.

4.My small circle of friends who accept my neurosis and “get” my often sarcastic humor.

5.My health. I may be overweight but I do not have major health problems.

With this list alone I already know I have more than I think I do. I have what many people wish they could have ( People who want you happy). I need to stop comparing myself to others ( Maybe get off Facebook instead). You should stop comparing yourself to others as well. This wanting what others have can bring out the selfish side of you which can get UGLY fast. You start to lose sight on what you really want (For us we would like to pad our savings) and focus on things you never wanted in the first place. As for the other things that people tend to flaunt and brag about? Some day you can have those things but for now focus on the big picture.


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2 thoughts on “You have more than you think you do.

  1. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica March 4, 2014 at 12:33 am Reply

    I love this post. Good for you!

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