Week 5 of Thrifted Treasures

My oldest sister recently became my sort of thrifting partner. Though she sells on eBay, her thrifting attitude is more of finding things for her family or for herself. I have to admit it’s nice to have a thrifting buddy. Even if I do know more about clothing, her knowledge of toys is a nice information to know ( She’s currently obsessed with selling littlest pet shop stuff). Plus she understands why shopping for hours for inventory is imperative in this business. These are a few things I found that I had to explain to her the importance of brands, type of clothing per season, and the opportunity in making money in shoes as well. I spent a total of  $26.00 after my discount on these items.


Lacoste tube dress

Lacoste is in no doubt a top brand to sell on eBay. Yet what comes with top brands are fakes and if listing a fake you can get VEROed. I did that once and I did get VEROed and 1 strike on my account which lasted a year. From then on I became very particular in selling any brand ensuring it’s not a fake. This was not a fake as I carefully inspect the gator logo on the fabric and tag. You can easily google fake lacoste and find out what I’m talking about. It’s such a cute dress and you know how many girls love teal.


                                                           Odille tier layer skirt

I love finding this brand. It’s one of those brands most thrift stores don’t realize what a gem was donated to them. There are many women loyal to this brand due to the feminine and timeless design of this brand. I don’t find them as often as I want to but I do find them at a price where I can make a tidy profit. This is one of Anthropologie’s brands to look for. If only I can find them in my size (I’m a 12).


                                                           Ann Taylor wrap cami

Ann Taylor is one of those brands to watch out for in tops and suits. I only buy black suits and cute tops. I’m not saying the rest of their clothing is not profitable but for my women’s suit section that’s what works for me. Many women love Ann Taylor because they make regular and petite sizes. Plus their clothing do last a long time after so many washings and dry cleaning. Actually every time I wanted to buy a suit for myself when I was working , I always head down to this store. Their designs work best with many body types.


                                                         Adidas grey high tops sneakers Mens

My sister thought I was crazy in spending  $10 in these sneakers. I told her that is cheap and the condition is gently used. Then I explained to her that sneakers can be BIG bucks on eBay. Even though I personally do not obsess with sneakers I always make it a point to look at the shoe section of every thrift store I go to. After a little research these retail on amazon for  $90.00. Even if I can sell these for  $30 plus shipping I would be happy. I did price these in my store for $69.00 with free shipping. Sneakers are one of those things that will sell throughout the year.


                                                           French Connection tube blouse

This top was the cheapest in my finds priced at only  $3.00. Perfect style for spring and summer. Many beginning sellers feel that current styles only sell on eBay. That is not true. Some people just want to look for brand name items. I’m not sure what season was this from but it’s a very versatile piece and I’m sure who ever buys it from me will love the design and brand.

So that’s my thrifted treasures for week 5. I hope some of you learn a few things from this blog post:). Even after having an eBay store for a few years, I’m still learning what to sell. I’m not guaranteeing these will sell immediately or even at the price I want them to. Plus the markets can change, brands can lose popularity, and really what do I know? I’m not a professional buyer in fashion. I do know enough what works for me. On my slowest months I always have enough to pay for my side of my bills. That in itself is why I’m trying to see if I can do this for a living.


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