“Selling” During Your Closet Clean Out

Oh the closet clean out. I’m not sure how men do theirs but for me it can be little stressful realizing the amount of CRAP I purchased. You know things like those velour pants with semi sheer cut out of “Cutie” in the back (I was obviously hit with “self-absorbed brat” when I was younger. I never worn those pants), or the lacy tank top that literally had a bunch of douche bags hit on me (At least I sold some expensive watches to some rich douchebags), or perhaps a leopard print bag that just screamed ” Peggy Bundy is my idol.”

The funny thing about these purchases is that’s how I started selling on eBay. I’m one of those 10+ year members because I started way back when listing was cheap and shopping and receiving them in the mail literally can spur some shopaholic tendencies in me. I was always intrigue with successful stories of some people and saw it as an opportunity to make a little money back from my failed purchases and when I was doing a closet clean out. So here are some of MY tips that can help if you are interested in deciding what and how to sell. These tips are for people who are already familiar with listing on eBay and who realize they are selling clothing at a loss.

1. Deciding on What to Throw Away/Sell.
It’s best to make a donate and sell pile. A Throw Away pile should have clothes that have holes, stains, or generally looks really worn. A Sell pile should have gently used clothing, clothing with mall or department store brands ( clothing not purchased from walmart, target, kmart, etc. Though if that is the majority you can “Lot” them to sell), and high-end brands.

2.Deciding what can be sold by itself or in lots.
If clothing pieces is considered seasonally appropriate, high-end brand ( Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, etc.) you can list them separately. To list in Lots are good if:

1. Selling like items such as a lot of dress shirts.
2. Selling lower price clothing together such as shirts, or Camis.
3. Selling in sizes such as pairing all clothing in a medium (Or small or large) together.
4. If you don’t have the time to list separately and don’t mind not making as much money as you would.
5. Selling brands that are on the same scale of popularity (Such as pairing Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein together or Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe).
6. Your items are currently off-season. You do not have to point out they are off-season.

3. The beauty of “Buy It Now” option.
The Buy It Now option is a great handle to add to your listing if you price it to sell. The buyer on the other end may be indecisive but when that mood to buy comes along, it’s great for you and them to “Buy It Now.” Don’t forget to add “Immediate payment required” if you are doing BINs.

I usually don’t put BINs on my lot of clothing listing.

4.Describing Condition.
“Gently Used” and “New” condition is what I only list. Gently used clothing are items that have minimal color fade, hasn’t started to “piling”, and hasn’t shrunk. New items are items that have their tags on, and do not have ANY damage. Clothing buyers are very particular with the clothing they receive so it’s best to under describe them.

5.Pictures Sell Your Items.
This is obvious. Take as many pictures as you can. Take them folded up nicely, if you are selling as a lot. Natural light is always best since it’s the best way to show true to color items. By the way, red is hard to picture with yellow lighting.

6. Shipping & Handling
If you do not have a scale, it’s best to invest in a cheap one that can handle 50Lbs or more. I purchased mine for less than $15.00 on eBay even before I had my store.

Sometimes using flat rate envelopes, and flat rate boxes can save you a lot of money. I frequently use them for heavy jackets, shoes, and small lots of clothing. For shipping light items such as 1 blouse or shirt I buy poly envelopes on eBay in small bulks.

Don’t forget to charge a little more for shipping. eBay currently adds a “Shipping Fee” to all your shipping charges. Blame this on the people who price their items for a penny yet charge a ridiculous amount of shipping.

I hope some of these tips helps a little bit. If it seems it’s too much work you can always donate your clothing as a tax write off, but I think there is a limit of how much you can write off.


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