Falling Off The Budget Bandwagon

Oh budgets. I’ve had one ever since my first job ( college bookstore) and even when I don’t seem to follow one ( because I automated my bills and savings at one point) I have one. Except this time it involves my husband and my bad habit of justifying spending.

We started to slowly fall off our budget bandwagon in the beginning of this month. My husband and I started to eat out a little more than we should in the beginning of the first week, and then I saw some awesome deals on household items because spring cleaning season is around the corner. This may seem harmless but we had a plan and we have a goal so it’s important for us to STICK.TO.THE.BUDGET. When this happens I do these things:

1. Return items that is considered a “want” and not a “need.” Since most of my overspending is on household items, and technically I save over the long run it really is not worth it for me to return items.  Though let’s say you purchased clothing you thought was just too cute to pass up perhaps you should think of returning it.

2. Just don’t eat out and make the effort to bring snacks and food with you. You know the famous slogan by Nike “Just Do It.” I know you are probably busy with life but make the effort. It doesn’t have to take long. The time it took for you to decide if this is worth doing was the time you could have just done it.

3. Remind yourself and significant other your money goal during their spending period of “want.” My husband was actually better at it than me. There were times I just wanted to go buy something. He instantly reminded me of our budget goal. I then remind myself that I really don’t need the item now and I can wait. I also reminded him too but it seems he has a better grasp of having this goal in his head than me.

4. Find cheaper alternatives to what your spending. Eating out too much? Perhaps don’t order drinks and stick to water, or instead order appetizers or share meals. What about finding things to do on date nights? Perhaps make it a date day instead when most tickets to shows, movies, and events are cheaper.

Don’t feel guilty about overspending over your budget. Just jump back on and remind yourself how much better your life will be once you achieve your goal(s). Your budget really isn’t an inconvenience to your lifestyle. It’s your spending lifestyle that’s an inconvenience to your wallet.


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