Week 6 of Thrifted Treasures

I’ve been sticking to my budget of $100 a week for inventory. I struggled in the beginning but now every time before I reach the register I always ask myself “What price can I sell this for? How long do you think it will be sitting in the storage room for? Is it within my niche?” Because of these questions I have put back many items . I figure someone else will appreciate the items more than I would and lo and behold my sister picked out a sweater I put back.

I admitted to her I put it back because I can’t really decide if it was a real Giorgio Armani Sweater & it’s getting warm in our area so the shelf life in the storage room will be longer than I want it to. We figured it was since the original owner dry cleaned the item only but what set me off was the tag. It seemed a little too cheap to be made by a fashion house such as Giorgio Armani. In the end she bought it for her kids to give to her ex-husband. Which I thought was funny that she spent only $4.00. It was a nice sweater so I think he would wear it when the time is right.

Here are some goodies I found this week. I spent a total of $18.00 for all four.

IMG_7343                                                          Ted Baker floral top

I try not to buy clothing without their size tag but the price was good and the brand Ted Baker well known enough to not stay in my store long.


                                                L’Occitane coin purses

Even if I won’t sell these I will keep them for stocking stuffers when the holidays roll around.


                                                           Maxx NY red large bag

If this bag was a cross body bag I would have kept it for myself. I’m thinking someone who works in an office will buy this because it fits a large binder comfortably. The condition was used but no serious damage and the color is beautiful in person.


                                                          Simpsons cookie jar

This was the most expensive item in this week’s thrifted treasure. It was 7.99 with a red tag. Goodwill red tags are rarely discounted (usually on special holidays). I picked it up because we do have some Simpsons décor so if it was a bust I would keep it for my husband’s future man cave. Eventually I decided to list it because it sells for $50+. I currently have it listed for  $100 with a best offer.


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One thought on “Week 6 of Thrifted Treasures

  1. Hello, Scarlett March 18, 2014 at 5:09 pm Reply

    Yes! I’m all about the thrift store shopping as well (http://helloscarlettblog.com/2014/03/18/thrift-store-shopping/). Go us! 🙂


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