A week of interviews. Hopefully it’s a step closer to a job.

Oh interviews. I hate them. It’s definitely a reason why I don’t usually jump from job to job. So I don’t have to sit through another interviewer who will ask either questions that don’t pertain to the job or ask why your perfect for the job. I’ve had my shares of horrid interviews and shares of good interviews. This week I had two. One went really well and the other brought me back to high school of being picked on by cliques ( I’m not the cliquey, or school spirit variety).

I hate group interviews. I normally don’t attend group interviews but I was surprised with one. The sad part was I interviewed for the same position 6 months ago. With the same woman. Except this time I had a feeling I wasn’t even going to get the job because she brought her WHOLE posse. Which usually means this was a practice interview for her posse (non who were her boss) Why did I even go when the last time I attended I felt she was undermining all my answers for an entry position in an office? Oh because my friend got me this interview…again. I thought perhaps a second time wouldn’t be so bad. Ever get the feeling people are making fun of you? That’s how I felt. With every answer came a snickering smile from her little minions. I told my friend I don’t think I’m getting the job. It’s ok. Perhaps my chipper attitude was just too much for an office.

I had another interview for a sales job. This time instead of being surprised with 8 additional people I was interviewed by the HR person and the general manager. I felt it went great. They did ask the general questions of why did I apply, what makes you a great sales person, what are your goals…yada yada yada. Except this interview felt like I was meeting the parents the first time and they loved me. Loved everything I had to say and the little sarcastic jokes about the downside of the job position. I left feeling like my resume was going in the background check file.

My ego was hurt just a little bit from the first interview but I feel the more interviews I have, brings me much closer to the job that will be perfect for me. If your feeling like you’re at a dead-end job and interviews are going no where, don’t give up. Eventually the universe will work in your favor. I was scared to leave my last job without having one lined up. I had to because I was at a low point in my life. Since I do have a better attitude now and I feel I’m at a good point in my life, my interviews feel like a breeze even if they didn’t go so well.


One thought on “A week of interviews. Hopefully it’s a step closer to a job.

  1. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica March 18, 2014 at 3:48 pm Reply

    Good luck! I hate interviews too.

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