Week 7 Of Thrifted Treasures

When you have a thrifting partner who is still learning the business of selling online, you tend to be their teacher, mentor or whatever you call it. I am that person to my sister. Which last week was starting to be a drag to me. So I decided to take a thrifting break from her by telling a little white lie every time she wanted to go to a thrift store. Things like “I still haven’t listed the inventory I recently bought and I don’t have money right now.” I  know I know. Why can’t I be honest with her? Well I just needed a little break right now. It’s not like I wanted to stop thrifting with her indefinitely.  Plus she’s of the sensitive bunch and really didn’t need to hear the truth. The truth was I do like thrifting by myself. I’m just faster, and didn’t have to explain why I purchased each item.

Which brings me to my “Thrifted Treasures”:


Tecnica fur boots

I was very hesitant to buy boots since winter is over. Yet with a quick search on what they sold I felt I should list them at the price of $150 with a best offer. These boots retail for hundreds of dollars sometimes and the design is really cute. I purchased these for  $10.


Disney Eeyore Scrub top

I love having scrubs in my store. They’re so cheap in thrift stores and typically sell for me $19+. I only buy them in very gently used condition with fun, rare prints.

IMG_7402 Nerd Tweety cropped sweater

How adorable is this sweater? The graphics were somewhat faded but it still had lots of life left. I wasn’t sure if it was right to described it as cropped since it covers the belly button but I always provide measurements in my listings. It’s too big for me. If it was my size I’d probably keep it.


Sweater extension Kit

This is one of those non-niche items I purchased. The price was right and I double checked to make sure all the parts were there. I listed it at $49 ( With free shipping). I guess these are not being made anymore? Because the original sticker said  $10.00. Hey if people are willing to pay for that price, I’m listing it at that price. Actually my price is pretty reasonable compared to some sellers.


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