Re-evaluating the budget

It’s human nature to fall back in to a bad habit. When your use to a certain spending lifestyle you sometimes fall back to it. Probably you gently slide in to it like I did ( We went over our food/household items)  or you fell so hard that you completely forgot it affected the ones you love. This month we went over budget in some things and had to re-evaluate our budget.

Even though at this point we are still spending considerably less, our goal to save something from incoming money (his salary+my ebay store) is still far from where I want it to be. It’s simple really. I either have to get a part-time job( Still working on that),make more money online, or we cut our spending some where in our overall household budget. So it’s that time again to polish this whole goal idea of ours.

From my past post Falling Off The Budget Bandwagon I listed some ways to jump back to our budget. Perhaps it’s a sign that our budget and outlook needs to change. Especially we were thrown a curveball when one of our cats got sick. Now our budget has to really accommodate our cats diets if we want them to live a long healthy life. We also stockpiled on meats and household items since we shopped at costco and great sales were happening for cleaning/household items.

So this is what I did:

1. Look at the budget again. Since we stockpiled on meats and household items the budget for food/household items can go lower. I estimate that we have enough for 4-6 months. I think we can cut this down to $200 per month even with the addition of the cats added special cat food. My husband agrees. We may have spent $60 just on meat at Costco but it’s enough to last us 4 months.

2. Evaluate a category that can be cut down. Our entertainment/eating out budget can be cut even more. My husband wants to go see some shows but I told him we can’t. A typical show ticket runs 60+ per ticket. We can wait during the summer during the slow season when his work offers 2 for 1 deals. As for how to cut down what we are spending now? It’s mostly the eating out is our problem. Need to find cheaper places or start sharing meals. No more popcorn at the movies and maybe start doing what we did back when we broke. Sneak in food and drinks (we only sneak in bottled water and trail mix).

3. Talk about your goals more. Before I was married it was easier to reach my monetary goals. I was the sole earner for myself and I handle all accounts myself. It was so much easier. I don’t nag my husband but I do encourage and remind him the great feeling of having savings. It also helps him realize we really do need more than he thought we did. In the beginning he felt having  $10,000 in savings would be enough in terms of emergency + 6 months of living expenses ( just in case he loses his job). Now it’s really more like  $15,000 because of my townhome ( it’s currently being rented).

4. Just say no to spending outside your means. I’ve already encountered situations where I felt I had to spend money but didn’t. For example my sister wants to eat out every time after we thrift. I’m use to eating at home or with my husband. I just told her flat out my husband is waiting for me. This also happened similarly with a friend. It was time to catch up with each other. She wanted to have dinner somewhere expensive. I recommended a waffle place for brunch she has never tried. Way cheaper and we enjoyed the casual environment. Ever been invited to shop with no money?  I have. I just because a personal shopper to my sister. Still enjoyed the outing and told her not to feel weird with me not buying anything. I really don’t need more clothes if I’m not working.

I can’t wait to blog the March Monthly Progress. We got back a healthy amount for filing together.


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One thought on “Re-evaluating the budget

  1. Valerie March 23, 2014 at 3:46 pm Reply

    Oh, yes – entertainment and eating out can run up the bills quickly! Definitely check to see if the restaurant/theater/bowling alley has any specials or discounts (some issue coupons or have days when things are discounted, but many don’t do a very good job of advertising)
    We eat out once a week and our entertainment mostly consists of places outside but when we *do* go to an inside attraction, we almost always find a discounted way to do it. 🙂

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