Nominated for Liebster Award!



Thank you to for nominating me! It’s really wonderful to know someone out there enjoys my blog. I’m still a new blogger so I’m going to skip the nominees for now (I’ve drafted a separated blog) since most of the blogs I do follow already have 200+ followers.

1.  Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always enjoyed reading other people’s blog and following them through their own personal growth. I’m starting out with my personal finance journey since it is my current goal to have some savings by the end of 2014.

2. What’s your favorite dessert and why?

Tiramisu and opera cake. My husband rarely makes them due to the sheer amount of work. I enjoy either one once  year usually on my birthday or anniversary.

3. If you were stranded on a desert island what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

To be practical, I guess I wouldn’t mind having a machete. So I can build my own little hut….and crack a coconut like a boss!

4. Do you ever dream of writing a book, or is a blog enough?

I’m not much of a writer so a blog is enough. Maybe hopefully to turn it into a lifestyle blog.

5. What is your dream career?

I’m in my early thirties and I still don’t know. Should I worry that I’m not worried?

6. Are you working in a field that you went to school for, or something completely different?

Completely different. Yet in my field it is mostly independent contractor related so that fact that I have a small online business isn’t too far off.

7. Which do you prefer – cats or dogs, or both?

My husband and I have 3 cats between the ages of 7-10 yrs old. We do love both cats and dogs but cats don’t require as much care or attention as dogs.

8. What’s been the best thing to come out of blogging for you?

Putting my thoughts out there helps remind me of my goal. How often have you told yourself you wanted to accomplish something only to forget where you were at? My blog has been helping me keep track.

9. What’s your favorite movie?

Depends on my mood. I do enjoy dramedies.

10. What’s your favorite book?

Depends on my mood as well. I read a lot. I do steer toward chick lit (Is that even PC?) related books but enjoy financial and self help books in between. I’m one of those few people who has has 2-3 books currently bookmarked.

Thank you again Fiscally Fit Chica !


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