Week 8 Of Thrifted Treasures

Thrifting for inventory is certainly number one priority at running my online business. Even after years of thrifting for clothing, I still am learning a lot of things about brands and why they would sell and won’t sell. Which is why people are just itching to ask why am I buying this and that. Why am I buying plus size clothing when I’m not plus size? Why men’s clothing? Sneakers really? I pretty much sell what I think people would buy. Most of my inventory will sell. If not, the bottom line is I still make money on what I did sell. I’m still learning and I know I’m getting better because most of my customers are happy and I consistent make a sale nearly every day (I’ve been shipping 50+ items a month). I didn’t always start out like this.

In the beginning I didn’t know anything about clothing. I lacked in what was considered quality versus quantity. Yet through watching what was selling, and not selling, reading about the fashion business ( books and mainly magazines), and which brands are failing took some time to learn. Even today I’m not an expert but can easily have a nice chat with a fashionista on what is cute. So which is why I include a little information on why I bought the item to sell. Hopefully this series is helping.


Salvatore Ferragamo Ivory Pumps

I’ve sold Ferragamo shoes before. They’re well made shoes made to last. With that in mind I still make sure the condition is still good and that the inside is fairly clean. These shoes were clean but had some pen marks on the exterior. Still these had a retro feel to them so I know this won’t stay too long in my store.

IMG_7482       Patagonia Light Weight Windbreaker

Patagonia is a brand to watch out for athletic and outdoor wear. Their winter jackets typically go for hundred dollars and up for the men’s but the women’s clothing sells well too. I have a couple in my store and during the warming weather will still get watchers on my Patagonia listings.

IMG_7475   Adidas Shorts 2pc

Athletic wear are typically priced low in thrift stores. Sometimes they even have the retail tags on. These were in great condition and after a quick wash ( I always wash athletic and outdoor clothing) they sold the next day. I make sure they are in great or nearly new condition.

IMG_7464       Mary Kay Bag

I don’t buy Mary Kay products but I bought this bag because I know there is a consultant out there who is always looking to expand their business. This looks like a weekender bag with a ton of pockets for products. This even include an interior organizer tote. The only damage is a puncture hole done by the thrift store ( You know how they sometimes tag items with too much of a big hole). Still it was very clean and I was tempted to keep it for myself just for those quick road trips to CA.

IMG_7456        Missoni Sweater Target Line

I’ve always loved Missoni even before they came out with their limited edition Target line. A few years ago this fashion house brand came out with a line of clothing, accessories, and house wares that were limited edition at Target. It sold CRAZY and when I went to target the same friggin day of their release, all the clothing was gone and all I got myself was a Missoni computer sleeve (Whomp Whooomp). I do get a little excited when I see them at thrift stores but not as excited when I actually find clothing from their actual collection. This will sell because it’s gently used and in great condition. If only it was their famed chevron pattern then I could have priced this much higher.


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3 thoughts on “Week 8 Of Thrifted Treasures

  1. jesuswasaprimate March 27, 2014 at 9:35 pm Reply

    I like reading your blog and seeing what you find.
    I, myself am an avid thrifter. I’m not too big into the resell game. I do specifically hunt vintage clothing to resale or if something small in size catches my eye, I may try to flip it.
    Or large pieces of furniture I can always make a big profit off when I sell on a Facebook group “swip swap” that is in my area of town.

    I’m curious as to what you pay for the items you have found & how much they sell for. Seeing people profit margins are always so exciting.

    Shoes seem like an interesting venture to me, as shipping will be high. I wouldn’t be able to make a big enough profit margin for it to be worth it for me.

    • mythrifthaunt March 27, 2014 at 10:12 pm Reply

      The items I post weekly together are usually $15-$25. Sorry I don’t post the exact price. By the time I get to pick and choose what items to post I already took the thrift store tag off. My general rule is for a simple top, I don’t spend more than $3.00. With more embellishment or it’s a current trendy item I know that will sell soon I’ll spend a little more. It’s rare than I spend more than $5.00 for tops. I love selling vintage items but for quality ones that are worth listing are very hard to find. For shoes I don’t go up for than $6.00 if I know I can sell it for $40.00 (with free shipping). My experience for shoes is that functionality sells better than trendy shoes so I always look for nice sneakers (like nike,adidas,clarks, etc), or outdoor related shoes in good brands.You can see what my sales easily by doing an advance search on eBay for “maithrifthaunt”. Make sure to click “sold items”.

      • jesuswasaprimate March 27, 2014 at 11:08 pm

        Wow!! You have a HUGE ebay store.
        With a bunch of great items!

        My weekly goal is to list 5 items. Haha

        I live close to a huge retirement area and seem to find great vintage stuff at estate sales and a few small church thrift stores. But I’m noticing the items aren’t moving as quickly as they used to…. I may need to reevaluate the items I’m selling or the format or something.

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