Week 9 Of Thrifted Treasures

I’m starting to become super busy again. I might have to start using a planner. Do you use one? I usually use one when I worked but since I’m in charge of my own schedule, it was pushed aside until I needed it. Between eBay, learning Amazon FBA, and finding a job I had to start filling out those little to-do squares before I forget anything. On to thrifted treasures


Eeyore pelt filled plush

Disney plushes are a slow seller in my store but they are usually so cheap and store easily that I don’t mind. If I was mainly a plushie store I would sell them consistently but I am a clothing store so they do sit for a while. This one is pellet filled and the tail does come off. The quality is good compared to many of their products so I hope I can sell this one soon.

Ralph Lauren Ruffle top

Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers. If this was in my size I could have kept it for myself. Ralph Lauren clothing sells pretty well in my store depending on the design. Things like simple polos do not sell for me ( Unless if it was purchased for cheap and sold in lots). Shirts that have a stylish attribute sells well. I love this because I think the cuff are meant to fold back.


Ralph Lauren Duffle Bag

I think this one may have been given free with purchase from their perfume/beauty line. The tag said Ralph Lauren Beauty. I’m still pricing it around  $39 (with free shipping). I’m just not ready to part with it yet. it’s pretty good quality and can be extended for more room on the top. Similar ones sell pretty well too considering this was probably free with a purchase.


Alfred Shaheen Dress

I hit vintage gold with this one! I only sold one Alfred Shaheen before. That’s how rare they are. This was had colors fading, and some stains. Still it is currently on auction listing for $19.99 and immediately received a bid. It’s not the best condition but I think people are purchasing this to add to their personal collection.


Calvin Klein Beanie

Calvin Klein falls in the same level as Ralph Lauren so finding clothing is just as exciting. I do really well in their suits and clothing. I’m actually lacking any Calvin Klein stock at the moment because I can’t keep them in my store long. Thrift stores typically price Calvin Klein & Ralph Lauren clothing high so finding them at a great price can be a hit or miss.


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