Another Interview And A Mini Closet Clean Out

Yes in the middle of my busy life I manage to do a closet clean out. I also had another interview with a company I’ve always dreamed of working for. So even though I’m behind in listing, Amazon  FBA, chores I felt I had a pretty good last week.

For this interview I was a little more prepared than the last one I blogged about. Questions I sort of fumbled on my last interview ( with a different company) I made sure to have appropriate answers ready. This time I remember to ask for the assistant manager’s business card and she happily replied to call her back with any questions. I wanted it so I can send her a thank you email which I did today. I really hope I get a second interview but if not, oh well.

As for my closet clean out, it was finally time to do one. I haven’t done one in years because my closet isn’t exactly too disorganized but it had so much stuff I wasn’t wearing. I ended up donating 30 pieces of clothing. That is a lot and didn’t realize it until I counted. I guess it didn’t look like I had a lot because I have a pretty big walk in closet. Most of the clothing I got rid of were stuff that I bought 20 lbs heavier ago and things that were out of style. I also got rid of some blazers since they look worn out. I kept a few and if I get this job I will get them tailored by a professional. In the past I felt I had to fill my closet and immediately felt that way with this clean out too. I quickly reminded myself that I don’t need much clothes since I don’t have a job.

have a great week everyone!



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