Clothing Seller Tools, Supplies, & Dry Cleaners

If you’re an online clothing seller like me you’ll discover that there are some things that will help run your business as smooth and efficient as much as possible. I recently discovered a new dry cleaners near me who are very affordable. Who gets excited for affordable dry cleaning? This girl right here.

You see the only dry cleaner company I knew charges a lot per clothing item. It was nearly $8 to dry clean my husband’s jacket. While it was for a special occasion ( our wedding ) it was a lot considering other dry cleaner’s usually charge $3 to $4 dollars. What encourage me to actually search for one? Well I found not one but TWO Giorgio  Armani blazers in MY size. Very rare because most designers do not make anything larger than a sz 10. They were a beauty! I was excited. It’s so long that I found a blazer that fit me like a glove. Except that they needed to be dry cleaned. Was I ready to pay $16 to dry cleaned? Not yet my friends. Most dry cleaners near me received bad ratings which prevented me from visiting them. I decided to bite the bullet and visit the closest one near me. I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner because they were half of what I would have paid at the fancier one and they did an excellent job on the jackets! They were also ready the next day. Now before I head out to do errands I pile  thrifted clothing to the dry cleaners regularly.

This helps my business because I can buy thrifted high-end items and sell them as dry cleaned. To be honest you can not do the same with an at home dry cleaning kit. I can also price my items much higher because of this. This brings to mind what other things or resource helps my business. Here are some things/tools that I use for my business:

1.Fabric Steamer: I love my steamer (Given to me from my husband) so much that it’s literally part of our dining area. I use it so much I don’t bother to put it away. So often thrift stores never realize a wrinkled clothing they priced for a few dollars easily sells for $50+ on eBay. Mine runs between $50-$70 retail price but sometimes you can find them at discount stores for less than  $50.00.

2. Lint Remover: I buy these by the packs. Before I photo/ship an item I run a lint remover to the clothing to make sure it ships cleaner, and photographs better.

3. Small Sewing Kit: Even though I spot flaws on clothing much better than the average shopper, I still miss a hole in a seam. I do mend them myself if I know it will take less than  15 minutes. I always keep thread colors, white, black, and tan in stock.

4. White Tissue Paper/Tape: As a buyer of used clothing as well I get a little turned off when I receive something just folded and stuffed in a poly bag. I received an Etro blouse this way and felt the seller could have done more in shipping. I felt the poly bag was too small and tissue should have been folded in between to prevent wrinkles. I spent nearly 10 minutes trying to steam wrinkles out. I figured that’s how the average buyer feels so I make it a point to pack every clothing I sell as well as I could. I stick to white because I’m paranoid the colored papers might accidentally stain the fabric during shipping.

5. Reliable Dry Cleaners: Because I felt I only needed one of those Giorgio  Armani jackets I  decided to sell the other. It definitely photographs so much better and I was able to price it at $499.00. I probably have high expectations to sell it for that price so of course I added a best offer option. I know it will sell for at least $100. I sold another Armani silk jacket (when I was a trimmer size 8) to someone for  $120 that I only dry cleaned not too long ago.

6. Cloth Tape Measure: A staple for when measuring clothing to be listed.

Happy thrifting and selling!


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