Week 10 Of Thrifted Treasures

Thriftcore.com has a great story to reflect on. You can find it here at http://www.thriftcore.com/2014/04/the-mexican-fisherman-and-american.html

I didn’t thrift very much last week. My credit card is up much higher than I expected due to spending money for filing my taxes, and buying inventory for Amazon FBA. I really hope it does well.  I spent around  $15 for these three items.

StoryBook Knit Watermelon Cardigan

Just how cute is this sweater?! I don’t sell storybook knits at all but I was just attracted to the cuteness of this item. Even the buttons are watermelon shaped. Some of the beading were missing but it wasn’t so much that this sweater can’t be enjoyed at all.


Rock & Republic Acid Washed Jacket

Another popular brand to watch out for. I don’t find Rock & Republic often and if I do it’s either a fake or it’s so worn it’s not worth selling. This one was in gently used condition and didn’t have any stains at all. Some of their styles sell for primo prices so it’s always best to research before buying.


Star Wars Darth Vader Hoodie

Man if it was near Halloween right now this would sell quick. I almost kept it for those days when I want to let my nerdy self out.

A few people have email me on the high prices I sometimes put on my items. Yes I do sell my items at those prices. Not all of them ( Sometimes  I have to put my store on a discount ) but a lot of them do. I don’t lie on my listings. I always state the condition as gently used, or used but not abused, etc. I have confidence that my items sells for high prices because they are hard to find and my customers are people who are looking for a great deal on quality clothing. People do buy from me because I offer returns, high feedback, and great customer service.


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