My New Venture Amazon FBA

I’ve been casually mentioning through my blog posts that I’ve been trying Amazon FBA. At this point I’m still not enjoying the whole process and don’t like how the majority of customers only post negative feedbacks. I feel like I did when I first started eBay. Frustrated with the whole feedback process, and wondering if the fees are worth it. I will still give it a chance for now as long as I have what little extra money I’m really willing to invest.

It’s a very simple process to list on Amazon. Type in the ISBN–>click “Sell On Amazon”–>Fill In The Selling Form. Then you do it again with another item. The shipping into multiple packages will instantly turn you off. I’ve been adjusting my shipments to my benefit (to ship out as little packages) so I have so many deleted shipments. You do pay for the shipping by shipping it through amazon but it is much cheaper than expected. I’ve sent packages that weighed 11 lbs for $10.00.

The fees are horrendous which means you really need to buy items that are highly discounted yet you still need to guess if they will sit at their warehouse too long (bad idea) to see if it is worth your time. It’s a little stressful. I signed up for the professional merchant account for $40 a month. It’s highly recommended if you sell 40+ a month. I already have 50 items and it hasn’t been a month yet so signing up for it was the smartest thing to do.

Feedback. Mine is at  25%. I am freaked out by this. It is my first feedback. I received it because a used game I sent was missing one of the disks. Of course Amazon FBA refunded the customer but I’m use to not getting a negative for this ( On ebay customers email me first their problem then I refund them.. they never give me a negative feedback for that). I know that Amazon had higher standards but I’m just deeply pissed at this. I am still determined to try this and to see if it is really for me despite this. I’ve already sold other items yet those customers are not willing to leave feedback and I know they are happy because all other items I sold were new with tags and this , the used game, is the only sale that required a refund. I know this negative will prevent others from buying from me until some other customers start leaving me some feedback.

Otherwise I do enjoy finding products to sell. I’m strictly sticking to items I can easily scan for now since I do not have a professional label maker or shipping label maker. I don’t send out item I find at thrift stores but items I find at Target, Toys R Us, Big Lots, Marshalls, etc. It’s fun since this is the only time my husband is willing to go sourcing for products with me (thrift stores make my husband anxious due to them being unorganized).

I also notice items that haven’t sold on eBay did sell much faster on Amazon. This is pertaining to my Disney plushies that have been sitting around for nearly two years. I’ve sold almost every one of them. So that I can give Amazon credit to having the clientele that purchase then and there (instead of asking for discounts).

This whole Amazon FBA is a different ball game I’m playing but I’m going to give it a chance to see if it is a great addition to my online selling income. I’m hoping to purchase the book by Cynthia Stine  on Amazon FBA if I make enough by the end of this month with Amazon FBA. I’m still doing my eBay business of course since it is what I am use to. This month is going pretty good and will post another Thrifted Treasures post tomorrow.


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