Budget Travels: Road Trip To Zion National Park

I’ve been wanting to post picture from our last road trip in January but you know how it is. You tend to forget you have a bunch load of pictures in your phone/camera that they get shoved in some file on your desktop to be forgotten for months. This trip was special because it was the start of what will probably one of our many road trips/travels we will do as a married couple.

I always wanted to visit Zion National Park. It’s literally just a few hours drive away from us but it was always sidelined because of budgetary reasons or we rather spend time visiting family. This time my husband asked me back in December 2013 what I wanted for my birthday. I told him if our budget is ok I’d like a road trip to Zion. He rented a Cabin in the park itself and we drove on his “Friday.” At that point I wanted to plan this trip to be a little bit more budget friendly. Here are some ways we saved:

1. Instead of renting a truck from a car rental place we borrowed my sister’s truck. I’m not sure what the weather conditions were but if it was like Grand Canyon in February I wanted us to have a dependable vehicle. We returned her truck with a full tank of gas as a thank you.

2. I packed food and purchased a case of water. There were places to eat outside the park but we wanted to spend less eating out. I packed peanut butter sandwiches, egg sandwiches for when we arrived during dinner time,snacks, ramen cups, and hot chocolate/tea bags. Since our room did not have a refrigerator we kept our small cooler filled with ice to chill our drinks and our PB&J sandwiches. We saved easily between the two of us at least $100 and spent more time in the park because of this. I hope to find creative/easy to store foods in the future.

3. Luckily since it was considered off season our rooms were reasonably priced and include 2 days of complimentary breakfast for each of us at the café inside the park. I’m not sure what my husband spent but it was less than  $300 for a cabin room that had a fireplace, queen size bed, and porch for two days. TWO days.

4. Even though I packed food we still splurge for one meal at the café. We ate their for dinner once only and it was reasonably price. We chose dinner time since our breakfasts were free, and I brought enough food for lunch and snacks. Most of their special meals are for dinner time and we both really enjoyed it. Lol I forgot what we ate though but after a whole days of hiking, we were starving.

5. We only filled up for gas outside of the park at a nearby town. The closer you are to the park, the more expensive gas was going to be.

6. Pack appropriate weather related clothing. Trust me you don’t want to be at one of the souvenir stores overpaying for a scarf.

Even though we probably didn’t get the best view of nature during that time we enjoyed it, and hope to plan another one during spring time. That’s the thing about visiting off season for any place , you don’t always get the best experience because of weather or construction. Still it was nice to visit the park when it was cheaper and less crowded.









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3 thoughts on “Budget Travels: Road Trip To Zion National Park

  1. palmtreesandpeas April 20, 2014 at 12:21 am Reply

    It’s amazing how much you can save when you pack food on trips!!

    • mythrifthaunt April 21, 2014 at 8:20 pm Reply

      I hope to find other creative meals to pack in the future. Pb&J and egg sandwiches start to get boring.

  2. […] first budget travel post was in Zion last year. I’m happy to post that we are making another trip. I found a great deal at Cable […]

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