Week 12 Of Thrifted Treasures

It’s summer and I’m not looking forward to it. eBay tends to slow down in sales because that’s when everyone goes on vacation and rather spend their money on vacations. I usually stock up on weather appropriate clothing like sleeveless tops, shorts, skirts, etc. I already have a healthy inventory on clothing. I hope I do better this time compared to last year.

I didn’t go thrifting as much this week. The stores I’ve been at have been stocked nicely with great inventory so I spent more than I normally would in a shopping trip but still stuck to my inventory budget. Here are some things I purchased to sell.

Freebird floral tier top

I didn’t purchase this top for it’s brand but for it’s “eye-appeal”. This style of top is very versatile and flatters any body style. It’s actually a favorite style I wore when I wore suits for work.

IMG_7835   Semi sheer ruffle top

Again this is a purchase based on eye-appeal. So cute and sexy. Purchased for a few bucks and priced at  $18.00 (with free shipping). I’m sure it will be gone before summer is over.


Vivienne Tam top

I purchased this based on the brand and quality. At first I passed by it once but then through a second look I noticed it was a well made piece.


Royal Doulton pooh dish set

Priced at a few dollars again. I love it when thrift stores don’t realize what a gem them have in their stock. This is totally out of my niche but I will buy anything that will sell at a healthy profit. These were new with their sticker tags on.


Lacoste Tee

Purchased for a few bucks and sold for $19.00 already. I love it when items sell within a few hours from listing. This I priced fairly low but I am happy with the profit. Shipped for a few bucks and minus all fees and cogs I profit at least $12.00. Not bad!

There you go! I hope I find more great items at a steal next week.


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