April Monthly Progress: Savings $3000.00

Yup. Our savings went down a bit. Want to know why? Oh because we weren’t careful with our spending. I’ll be honest and admit we went out shopping more than we should, ate out more than we should, and plunked down a little more money into this Amazon FBA. I can’t put the blame on our decision to buy expensive cat food because for 3 cats its only an extra $60 a month for us. Yes I know I’m trying to find the blame on my precious kitties and shame on me for that (Don’t worry they are getting more back rubs). I’m still happy about having savings so I can’t complain though I can share what my plans are this month to attempt to save something or at least not spend our savings.

1. Eat Out Less/Cheaper. I looked at both our credit cards and realized we spent almost $300 eating out. This doesn’t even include entertainment (Mostly movies). I did enjoy taking my husband to this Mediterrean Restaurant in college town. I originally budgeted  $150 for us. Probably overspent by $200. Ouch.

2. Be Careful With Inventory Spending. For my eBay store I’m doing ok. I went $78 over my budget with those 3 bags I bought at the outlet (1 LeSportSac bag, 2 Kate Spades). For my new venture in Amazon FBA I budgeted $200 but actually spent  $300. Overspent by $178. Oops.

3. No More Buying Things For Ourselves For A While. This month I finally did my roots and had a hair cut.  $65. I also purchased a new black blazer just for job hunting. I went cheap and purchased this at target for $38.00. I really needed a new one that fit right ( I’m not tailoring that Armani one I found at the thrift store until I find a new job). I’m impressed with the quality and fit with Target. Though the material felt a little cheap than I’m used to (My favorite women suit brands are Calvin Klein & White House Black Market), it looked great on me. I can tell though after about 15 dry cleanings it will probably wear down greatly(perils of buying cheap brands). We also bought other things I can’t remember so I will say we spent an additional $125. Probably overspent by  $228.00

4. Buy Less Snacks. You know how I wanted to spend only  $200 on groceries? Yeh that didn’t work out so well. Spent  $3oo on groceries. That isn’t too bad for two people but our pantry and cabinets are filled with food we didn’t need to eat. I’m a very bad snacker… chocolate and chips are my Kryptonite. So bad that this morning I had half a bag of COTTON CANDY with my breakfast AND those chocolate Easter peeps! This I can blame myself. Overspent by $100.00.

Rough Estimate Money Overspent By: $706.00 WHOA.

Luckily my eBay business did well in my opinion. Last year this month I sold only $700 because I wasn’t working on my business as hard as I should. I was working at my last job at that time. This month I sold $1730 just on my eBay Business. With Amazon I sold at least $375 so I had payouts this month totaling nearly  $200. I’m using all my payouts on Amazon FBA inventory. I’m going to try to grow this business slowly like I did with my eBay Store.

I’m going to set myself to sell $2500 on eBay this month. I’m going to try to find things around my house to list, frequently put my store on sale, maybe lot some clothing, and list more auctions. I hope to report next month what a success it will be. May is the last month before sales start to really dip ( according to my sales report last year) so I’m going to try to take advantage before my customers go on vacation.





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One thought on “April Monthly Progress: Savings $3000.00

  1. palmtreesandpeas May 1, 2014 at 7:12 pm Reply

    Groceries are what get me! That, and eating out!

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