Week 13 Of Thrifted Treasures

Last week I didn’t thrift as much as I should. I overspent on inventory a little. I’m also a little burnt out with my business. Ever feel like your job feels redundant with time just passing by not acknowledging you? You know things are just not getting done as fast, efficient, and well as it should? Even people who work from home like me feel that way. Which is why I’m motivated for this May to end well. I still came home with good stuff to sell.

Incolay Box cat theme

Incolay boxes are collectible and can work well with decor in the living, dining, and even bedroom. This is my first purchase of one and I was tempted to keep it. They are used mostly as jewelry boxes. I’m sure someone who loves cats and red will love this.


Siegfried Roy Ornament Mirage

I know what your thinking. Why would ANYONE buy this? Because it’s a momento from a fantastic show, they’re a huge fan, and this isn’t made anymore. I doubt it is considered rare but many people who do have it are not willing to part with it.


Chesire Cat Disney Halloween Scrub

I can’t believe I sold this a few days from listing this. It’s Halloween theme and who doesn’t remember Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland? I try to buy scrubs that look like they haven’t been used much. They are consistent sellers and priced for a few dollars at thrift stores.


Brighton Slip On Loafers

I’m so excited to find these. I was at a thrift store that prices shoes so expensive it’s ridiculous. I’m assuming the employees didn’t know this is a brand considered collectible by many people.  I’m always looking from Brighton bags but I will buy shoes too. They’re actually well made and from Italy.


Alfred Angelo Top

I normally don’t buy wedding related dresses or pieces but this had the tags still on. The reason I don’t is because most women are looking for an exact color or design. I’m not familiar with how wedding stores consider colors, sizes and will not guess on them.  An Alfred Angelo Blue color is a different name from David’s Bridal blues.  Plus you never know if they have been altered.This was had the tags which had the exact color name and price.


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