Back To Interview From Hell

I had lunch with a close friend recently. Of course she knew I was still job hunting. I told her I had a few interviews but  didn’t make it beyond a second interview. As with all people I tell this too, she felt sorry for me. I’m use to it. It’s not a good feeling when someone is feeling sympathetic, forgetting that I’m not starving nor in danger in losing my home. So she casually mentioned ( girlfriend’s nice way of telling you, you suck) that my interview with her company was awkward.

I love this friend of mine but I seriously wish she didn’t tell me about my last interview with a good company she works for. I put that experience to rest in the back of mind like with the rest of my awkward life experiences. Ever walked in a room and knew you stuck out like an oddball? It’s like a trekkie being invited to a debutante ball. The conversations are awkward, You eat with your elbows on the table, etc. I was that trekkie at a debutante ball.  It was just awkward and I know I couldn’t save myself. I walked out of there knowing I’m not getting the job and I was fine with that ( after a few days of sulking and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s).

Basically she said my answers to my questions were awkward and my personality didn’t mesh with the group. She said my first interview from 2 YEARS AGO went good and she was sorry they didn’t hire me. So I went to this one and it went awful. I knew it went awful. I wasn’t ready for an entry-level position interview with 7 people. This was considered the first interview because I was interviewing with her boss (who I think is a bitch from my first impression) and with 6 other different people. Yes an entry position…ON CALL, ENTRY POSITION IN AN OFFICE.

Now I’m not talking about an interview where they gather up a gaggle of hopeful unemployed desperate people competing for their minimum wage job. This was a classic interview with standards questions. I just didn’t get a warning from anyone about the group thing (I’m use to being told an interview is a group beforehand). This job had no benefits, and you are expected to work 40 hours, with the eventuality of becoming full-time within a few years. After writing that last sentence I just realize it doesn’t seemed like a great company after all. The process felt awkward. Walking in to a small room filled with people who are just there to watch you is no bueno. Only the two top dogs were there asking questions. The rest of them were just staring at me looking forward to lunch.

I asked my girlfriend how she got the job. She told me she literally kissed her ass for the job. She might as well have been sitting on her lap. I’m sorry, but desperation for a job is not the way I want to score my next job. That literally gives the employer the a-ok  to work your ass off for little pay. She also didn’t have a large group of people like I did (She had three).

In the end I told her I’m not applying to her company anymore but will gladly accept her interview tips for future similar ones. Except the desperation part. I don’t care what position I’m applying for but hiring based on my desperation is not how I want to start with ANY company. Plus would I really want to work with a mean girl group with the mentality of “You can’t sit at our table”? No thank you. I’ll go back to my job hunting next month after eBay traffic starts to spurts down.



5 thoughts on “Back To Interview From Hell

  1. endlesssummertreasures May 10, 2014 at 2:49 pm Reply

    Interviewing just sucks!! You would probably be even more miserable of you worked for that company honestly!

  2. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica May 10, 2014 at 4:26 pm Reply

    Good luck

  3. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica May 10, 2014 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Good luck! I hate job hunting.

    • mythrifthaunt May 10, 2014 at 5:37 pm Reply

      Thank you! I’m hopeful something will come up.

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