Week 14 Of Thrifted Treasures

A Goodwill clearance/pound store just opened a few weeks near me. I didn’t go to the opening. I’m NOT lining up at an opening for a thrift store. Actually for any store. Heck for black Fridays I wait a few hours AFTER they open and take advantage of deals then. Long lines for this Island/Vegas girl is not what I’m use to. A few weeks past by since opening and I finally went with my sister. It was kind of what I expected. Everything in bins and you pay by the pound. My first trip there I left with 28 lbs of clothing and shoes for only  $28.00. That’s crazy! I normally spend over $100 for a lot like that.

I’m planning to go again next week. Hopefully I sneak in a few pictures for you. I was definitely on shopping mode and it’s hard to break out of it. Technically I’m “working” when I’m buying. My method to buying is probably annoying to the casual shopper. You have to remember I’m not buying for myself but to sell so I’m always asking myself “Can I list this on auction and sell it within a week? Is this a quality brand? etc.” It’s quite funny how when a new bin rolls out a huge trove of people come out and attack it like vultures. I’ll try to sneak a pic of that for you all. I have 1 item I purchased there here so let’s get this Thrifted Treasures rolling.

Born Clogs

I’m married to a baker and he told me I really can’t list clogs as work clogs/culinary clogs. He told me his clogs/shoes have a slip resistant treading and listing it as that would be very deceiving if it was listed as that. Still I’m sure people in the medical field are looking for any type of clogs. This is a leopard patent print one and I listed it for cheap on auction. Great brand to watch out for.


Sharif Bag

This is patent leather and suede bag. I’m sure a whimsy character will snap this right up from me. I have this listed on auction more as to bring in customer to my store. Listing in auction has more exposure.


Armani Exchange zip up netting top

This is an item I purchased at the pound store. I can’t believe people were ignoring this but then again I am buying to sell. It had some minor flaws but it was stain and rip free.


Stella McCartney Adidas

I normally do not look in women’s athletic aisle at thrift stores. Yet I passed by an aisle and notice this jacket has more details and quality was nice.  Sells over $100+ retail. This was obviously used but it wasn’t too faded. I currently have some watchers on it.


Stuart Weitzman Women Loafers

Another brand to watch out for in women’s shoes. For women’s shoes I typically like to buy athletic/casual shoes since in reality functionality over fashion sells faster. For me it does. In the beginning of my eBay ways I thought trendy shoes sells and they do if the brand is right, yet I notice sneakers/walking shoes sells faster.


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