Goodwill By The Pound. Heavier Is Better!

IMG_8175Yup. Tables just full of clothing. I know this doesn’t look appealing to the average thriftier but the savings is worth digging through. A shopping trip involves grabbing a huge cart and going through each table, digging for things worth selling. When your done you push your cart behind the cashier on the yellow scale to be weighed. The more you buy the less you pay.

The pound/clearance store generally prices their deals like this. 1-19 Lbs is $1.49 per Lb. 20-39 Lbs is $0.99 per Lb and so on and so on. I only went twice to this store and I haven’t went over 30Lbs yet. I still thrifted for about 2.5 hours (my average time spent per store) but I came home with 4 bags of clothing( a few hand bags a well). It would have easily cost me normally over $100 for the items I came home.


Here are tons of men clothing. I’m assuming whatever doesn’t get sold at basic Goodwill stores ends up here since I notice there are tons of red tags items. I came home with more men’s clothing than I normally would. Perhaps I should really expand my men’s section.


It doesn’t seem like they refresh their stock often due to the messiness but they do more so than the average Goodwill. For the time I was there they probably wheeled out a table at least every half hour. Which why on the picture above you notice a group attacking a new table. I stayed behind and looked through other tables without anyone rubbing elbows with me. Are those people seller? Probably. I went to the new tables after the crowd died down and they leave perfectly good clothing behind. Guess I’m not worried all the good stuff will disappear because I still found brands such as, Lucky Brand, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Bahama.


If you happen to have a Goodwill Pound/Clearance store opening and want to try selling on-line, this is a good store to stock up on inventory. I’m not saying you will find exactly what you want but you will leave with great deals. I normally spend $3-$5 per shirt for women and men, by going here I spent less than $1. Fishing through the messiness is worth the savings for sure.  You need to also double check your items for flaws and stains. I notice there are more flaws on clothing such as rips and stains. You have to remember this is where a majority of unsold items end here.

Alright I have to go back to listing. I started the month great but I had the biggest return EVER. A $300 jacket I sold. I’m bummed and pissed because the buyer clearly used it. I tried calling eBay thinking they would follow through with their seller protection policy (buyer also returned it beyond my return policy). Nope. Very upset… let’s just say I had to refund the buyer in full to protect my feedback (according to the person I talked to). My bitch self came out ended the conversation with “What’s the point of your policy if your not going to stand by it?!” I can’t let this bother me. I have to focus on listing, finding more great products, and selling off inventory not working for me. For now eBay is the selling platform I’m working with so I have to comply.


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