Week 15 Of Thrifted Treasures

I’ve been thrifting more than usual. I’m determine to have a good month and hit my personal goal of $2500 in gross sales. I’m halfway there for sure and even lucked out with finding more inventory at the Goodwill Pound store. Hopefully I end this month with achieving my goal. I might even contribute to our savings FINALLY. On to this week’s Thrifted Treasures.


 Fish Hornsea Mugs

I love finding collectible dining items. This was done by Hornsea studio. They didn’t have any crazing and are selling for at least  $10 EACH. I totally scored on this since I paid around  $6 for all of them. I always stop by the mugs aisle and check on my phone if it is signed or stamped with a non China, Taiwan, Korea country.


Pooh Sweater

This is gently used condition and had no stains or rips. Disney clothing does ok in my opinion. Though only Disney Store, Disneyland, Disneyworld, or any other parks outside the USA is what I’m willing to invest in. I try to stay away from Disney clothing found at Target. One day I hope to find myself a Dooney & Burke Disney edition bag.

IMG_8157Bebe Bag

Bags are a consistent seller for me. Actually they are a top performing category for me. I’m still learning about them because like clothing there are only some that do well.

IMG_8129Disney Pooh Scrub

You know how I like stocking up scrubs. Especially Disney scrubs. I’m slowly building my inventory. They don’t sell very much but I have no qualms about turning $3 into $19.

IMG_8107Lucky Brand Hoodie

I bought this at the goodwill pound store. The funny thing is I saw it at another Goodwill red tag  $14.99 weeks ago. I’m glad to bring it home with me for less than a $1.00. I don’t mind it sitting in my store until fall because I’m willing to turn  $1.00 into  $36.00 any day.



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