May The Odds Be Ever In MY Favor

May the odds be ever in MY favor because goddamn months of job searching is stressful. Even if I am making good money with my eBay store my ego has been crushed with every interview, every follow-up, and every realization that I just maybe, MAYBE I shouldn’t have left my last job ( I still feel I made the right decision). I know I am a good employee. I have never been fired before, I don’t jump from job to job, and really my team player attitude is better than most that I have kept it contact with people from past jobs. So what’s with me sitting in front of this pond FOREVER waiting for a bite? Well blog readers I finally have a glimpse of hope.

I received a call-back from a company I applied to months ago. Apparently they are opening a new store with a designer I’m so familiar with even my gay friends would salivate. Let me remind you I don’t have sales experience in clothing and accessories but I always had the impression commission is much sweeter there than jewelry & watches. For them to even remember me honestly made me feel good. Yet not great because I wasn’t hired the first time( the position was in their luxury watches department). I’m okay with that.  I always wanted to try my foot in a brand like this and after speaking with the other manager about the pay, I feel I could make some serious dough.

I haven’t received the actual green light that I’m hired since this location hasn’t been opened yet. Though I did get a mini tour of where it will be and the general shifts. It seems that I am a contender for sure but nothing is sure thing without a contract in my book. I do know they did a background check months ago so at least they can scratch that off their list. My anxious self is scouring the web to see if they are posting for openings and I’m glad they haven’t.


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2 thoughts on “May The Odds Be Ever In MY Favor

  1. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica May 21, 2014 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Good luck. Job hunting is hard. 🙂

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