Week 16 Of Thrifted Treasures

Recently I received a very expensive return and CLEARLY the item was worn (there was deodorant stains). EBAY didn’t stand by their seller protection policy and I just about had it.  Because of this I decided to added  a 10% return to all my listings.  I always felt it’s ridiculous to have such fee for the type of items I sell (gently worn, gently used) but this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I usually get 1-2 returns a month and about 50% of the item the item is worn. I’m not even sure if reporting them is helping and my last phone call with the customer rep REALLY put a bad taste in my mouth. So I added it and I feel better now that I did.

Did you know most online clothing companies have a much more expensive return fee, processing fee? Mine isn’t too bad and really it’s stupid for customers to complain about it.  Why shouldn’t I have one? It pays for the shipping materials used, retagging, dry cleaning, etc. I’m not sure if this will help, but my sales haven’t stop. On to this week’s Thrifted Treasures.


Laurel Burch Bag

My first Laurel Burch item ever! I was hoping it would’ve been pottery or plates. Still I’m sure a collector will love this.


Vintage Button Up Shirt

If I could I would sell exclusively vintage. Yet where I live vintage is hard to find and today it’s not as profitable as it use to be. This shirt looks barely used but the clothing tag looked age. I thought of wonder years when I saw this.


Billabong bag

I sold this two days after listing. The funny part was people kept on offering a lower price and it was priced low at $18.00. I’m glad someone else bought it the next day without low ball offers.


Thomas pink shirts

I paid more than I normally would for men’s shirts. I usually don’t go more than $5 bucks. I bought both for $14.00. Why? Because I’m hoping lotting them together will bring more bids since they are the same sizes and style. I done this before and it worked out well.


Bike Shirt

For a few bucks I couldn’t not buy this. I’m not sure why it was made other than it was made for an event by a company. Still I’m hoping the brand and candy lovers will bid on this.


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