My Friend Is A Fivver User

I had a coffee date with a wonderful friend of mine from College. In a way we are complete opposites but our friendship manages to last this long without Facebook. Now that’s a friend worth keeping right? Our coffee dates are usually 1-1.5 hours long and we chat mostly about how we are making money. She loves hearing what I find and sometimes the history behind them. I love hearing her attempts of trying to find ways to make money and enjoy doing it. So when she told me that has been working well I was very happy for her.

From what she told me she started out slow but sometimes she gets slammed with assignments. She tries to limit each assignment to half an hour so that her time is $10.00 an hour. That’s not bad when you get to “work” at home in a bath robe. It’s also a great way to utilize her writing skills and add more to her portfolio. I browsed through the site and it’s very interesting to see how people make money. Did you know you can pay someone  $5 for a caricature of a picture? Here is the site:


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