May Monthly Progress: Savings $3100.00

I recently read my February Monthly Progress and I admit I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t stick to my plan. I thought about it longer and realized it just wouldn’t work for my husband and I. The whole using whatever I profit from my eBay store as savings isn’t working for a number of reasons.

  • 1. Our bank accounts isn’t simple. Meaning we have mortgages, memberships, fees, bills, etc. coming out of 3 different various accounts. Transferring to from accounts to try to “simplify” paying bills isn’t working. Too much activity happening.
  • 2. My husband isn’t happy with the budget. He hasn’t told me, but I now realize it’s a bit too neurotic for me to plan how we are spending. He starts to worry when we are spending more on groceries/eating out. Eating out we are doing better than before but sometimes we go $20-$50 over budget on groceries. I know this is because we juice so $300 a month isn’t too bad for a couple who juices a couple times a week.
  • 3. My eBay store’s profits literally pays for all my side of my bills ONLY. After taxes. I can’t be unhappy about this. I’m still literally doing my job as a “good citizen” by paying my taxes, and student loans without a “real” job.
  • 4.Sometimes we are not conscientious with spending which is a large part of why we are not saving as much as we use to. Ever head up to the register thinking you are only spending $80 then It rings up as  $100? Figured those little trips to the grocery stores don’t add up? They do my friend. MUST MAKE THE EFFORT! URGH!!!

So I’m not sure what to do. From the past few months we are making enough to live and still “live” a little. I know many people will say I should go cold turkey and watch literally where every cent goes. I think I like my sanity to be intact. I’m not a numbers person. I don’t enjoy sitting down figuring out where everything is going. I do like watching our savings account go up. I am going to try a few things this June on how to save.

  • 1.Spend less on inventory. I think the Goodwill pound store opening came at the right time. For the summer I will try TRY to only shop there for my inventory. I’m thinking of cutting my inventory spending from $400-$500 to $200 for my eBay inventory.
  • 2.Eat out less/ or share meals at restaurant. My husband understands we do eat out too much so doing this won’t be so bad. Besides restaurant portions is usually for 2-3 people.

As for eBay, last progress I aimed to have a total sales of $2500 (this includes shipping since I offer free shipping). I ended May with $2250 in sales. Almost made it. I think the increase in sales is from spending  $650.00 on inventory. Ouch. This is why I’m really going to try to stay at the Goodwill Pound store. Even though I have to launder/clean my inventory more, it’s so nice to save so much more money. I’m still happy with my eBay sales because last year I only sold like $700 in May 2013. I tripled my sales. Can’t be sad right? This month, June, I am setting myself a goal of $2,000 in sales. I hope I can make it. eBay is very slow in the summer but I have faith that with a little hard work I can do it.

My Amazon sales were $300 for the month of May. Not bad. I wish I could spend more on inventory but I can’t. I love shopping for Amazon FBA because it’s the only type of shopping (besides groceries) my husband is willing to come along. It’s also nice to shop for inventory in a cleaner, more organized store compare to thrift stores ( I always feel like taking a shower after thrifting).

Btw the bump in $100 in savings is from my husband. Our savings is probably going to do down a little at next month’s progress. We are planning a mini vacation/ road trip to CA.

Have a good June everybody!



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