Week 18 Of Thrifted Treasures

I know this week’s thrifted treasures is a bit late. I really don’t have a set schedule to post them but I try to post them between Thursday-Saturday. I know that still lacks a schedule rhythm but I’m thinking of ending this part of my blog soon. I’m thinking of stopping at Week 20 and will blog more on that last blog. On to this week’s thrifted treasures!

Cartman Men Shirt

My husband did his own closet clean out and told me to get rid of a load of shirts. I kept a few to list and will donate the rest on my next stop to a thrift store. This was barely used and it reminded me of a past trip we took during our engagement period. He never wore it out of being embarrass to be seen in it by his dad (we were visiting him).


Scooby Basket

Green shirt? check! brown pants? check! Outgrown brown hair? Check! A shaggy costume wouldn’t be complete without this cutie.


Timberland Z strap Shoes

It’s vacation season soon so I know flat walkable shoes will be selling. I found these at the Goodwill pound store in gently used condition.

IMG_8621Vtg Bonnie Cashin Bag

I wanted to keep this bag for myself but I know I wouldn’t wear it very much. This is my first ever Bonnie Cashin piece and I hope the buyer will appreciate the history and quality of this. The leather definitely looked aged but as vintage goes the condition is good.


Disney Sweater

This is a plus size sweater. I didn’t know that Disney made plus sizes but I guess it’s only available in their parks. The clothing tag said Disney World, Disney Land. Such a cute sweater for the fun pooh fan.

I hope you enjoy this week’s finds as much as I did.


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