Budget Travels: Road Trip To San Diego CA

Last week we spent about 4 days in San Diego CA to visit my FIL (Father In Law) for Father’s Day. Even though we came back ( My husband needed to return to work) before Father’s Day, we made sure to leave back a little present for him to open on Sunday. 4 days is still a long time to spend away from home so I still treated it like a mini vacation. While we were there we went to look at a pirate’s exhibit at Balboa Park, and it was also my first time to see the San Diego County Fair.

Everybody knows CA can be expensive even for a few days but I think we spent within our means. Here’s a tally of what we spent and on what:

1. Gas to and from home/ $100

2.Food (Jack in the box mostly)/ $30

3.Ticket to Pirate Exhibit /$48 (I got a discount because I used my student ID)

4.Groceries for Dinner with Dad ($30)-Sashimi/ Gyozas

5.Tea from Fair/ $12

6.Food at Fair/ Estimated $25

7.Fixtures from IKEA /$20


9.Rare cigars/$80

Of course we had my husband’s father to thank for us not spending too much. He didn’t mind us raiding his fridge and treated us out most of the time. We also just purchase groceries and cooked at his house mostly.

My favorite part of this trip is going to the San Diego Fair. To my husband’s family it is a tradition for them to go every year. Finding out from my FIL that him and his late wife have been attending it since they were married every year has special meaning. I love finding information about my late MIL (mother in law) because she passed a few years after knowing her. Everyone on his side eventually apologizes about talking about her but I always tell them not to apologize because she is a woman everyone has looked up to because of her good heart, humor, and values family.

I wasn’t able to take pictures at the pirate exhibit but in the middle of eating fair food I was able to take some.

IMG_8818 Free Catalog From Fair


Fantastic Horticulture Garden Spaces


Food & More Food


World’s Longest Puzzle Interwoven

Next time I’m wearing sneakers because walking for hours was killing my feet. I did enjoy the food and the galleries.

Coming home made us a little sad but there is nothing like coming home to our home. I’m finally back in my little work groove and even more eager to sell more. Even with putting my store on my vacation, I think I’m able to hit my goal of $2,000 this month.




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