Pinterest Mythrifthaunt: Finance Books

I recently signed up for a pinterest account under Mythrifthaunt. Come add me since I will be making more boards in the future. My first board I’m making is Finance Books. Whenever I’m at a bookstore or library I always either head to the self help section or finance section. Like the internet, there are a bunch of crappy information in print. Here are some of my favorite finance related books I keep on my shelf/ or lend out to friends. In no particular order:

1. The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map To True Riches-Jeff Yeager

2. The Millionaire Next Door-T.J. Stanley & W.D. Danko

3.925 Ideas To Help You Save Money, Get Out Of Debt And Retire A Millionaire-Devin Thorpe

4.The Money Book For The Young, Fabulous & Broke- Suze Orman

5.I Will Teach You To Be Rich-Ramit Sethi

6.The Richest Man In Babylon-George S Clason

7.America’s Cheapest Family-Steve Economides

Whenever I need to find information on how to get my finances together, I always open one of these books for inspiration or for help. Even after years of them being in print, I do find the information relevant today. They have all the same message “Save More, Spend Less,  Invest Wisely.” It doesn’t hurt to read examples and case studies they refer to. If you have a book to recommend why don’t you message me/link to your blog post/comment? I’m always looking out for new books to read.



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