June Monthly Progress: Savings $3200.00

This monthly was a pretty good month. We didn’t save very much (my husband’s contribution of $100 was the only savings) but I was able to keep my credit card low, and sell pretty good on eBay. With next month’s credit card payment being lower, I will be able to finally contribute to our savings. I’m not sure how much. It all depends how well I sell on eBay in July.

For the month of June I sold  $1920.00. I was just shy of $80 of my goal of $2000.00. I had a huge return ($175) so if I didn’t have that return I would have been over my goal. I’m glad I charged a return processing fee because I didn’t lose money on that return. July I’m setting a goal of $2500.00. Will I make it? I hope so.

My credit card due from June is roughly around $1200.00. I’m glad I’m able to pay it in full from my eBay sales. Next month will be lower (not even hitting $1,000). I’m hoping a money emergency won’t hit us too hard this July and sell well. I will try to keep my inventory cost low again.

We are expecting a drop in the savings if I don’t contribute. Our car registrations are due for both our cars. My townhome HOA is also due. Hopefully nothing else will come up.

It has been six months of trying to get the feel of what a good budget will work for us. I feel we are finally heading in the right direction. You know how I know? Well because we are both happy with how we spend without trying to save every little penny.




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