Wow I’m Preapproved To Apply For A Personal Loan To Pay Off Debt

Lol oh banks…. always trying to get me to apply for a loan. Even my own bank tries to convince me I should apply for a “double interest rate discount.” Then they really try make me feel special because it’s a SPECIAL PROMOTION. I swear they are starting to look like those slimy douchebags at the clubs. You know, the guys who think they can get in your pants by buying not just you but all your girlfriends a cocktail. Sorry banks but it’s going to take a special someone to fall for your romantic letter of ” We want to help you pay down your debt.”

If you receive one of these letters and feel that your bank is there to help you, my dear stupid friend just save yourself the time and give them your money. Literally just go up to a banker and hand them your money and tell them you want to screw your life even more. It’s a lot less headache and cuts all the expected bull crap of them raising the interest rates when you least expect them to.

You can also be like me and shred the sucker.


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3 thoughts on “Wow I’m Preapproved To Apply For A Personal Loan To Pay Off Debt

  1. StrongerBeings July 22, 2014 at 1:02 pm Reply

    Lol 😛 your definitely not wrong though. I almost feel our bankers are becoming the dodgy second hand car salesman of the past :/

  2. colleenpamela July 22, 2014 at 9:07 pm Reply

    I tend to stuff the prepaid envelope with their letter and any other junk mail I have laying around and send it back to them…that way they get charged for the use of the prepaid envelope too 🙂

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