Financial Bump: Our $429 Family Emergency

My husband and I don’t have kids (yet) but we do have 2 senior cats and 1 middle age cat.  One of them, Jager had a emergency visit at the vet. Jager is my husband’s cat. Literally before we became serious he declared ” I Love Jager more than you.” At the time we were just DATING so now I’m at the top of the list. I may have seniority over this cat of his but I know he is as close to a child as can be to my husband. Sure with me working at home, Jager’s personality changed. Now he meows just like the other lady kitties and doesn’t bite me as much (He bites my husband too) but he follows my husband like a loyal dog.

IMG_4911My Two Men Relaxing.

So when Jager became sick my husband was very sad. I love this cat but my husband’s relationship with him is unique. He is the type of cat NOBODY would adopt because he has an affinity to bite when he pleases, and scratch with his giant paw claws to get your attention. How he even came to my husband’s possession years ago is a bit of sad story but worked out in the end. Why was he sick? He’s getting old and has developed a sensitive stomach ( which is why I started buying better grade wet cat food). This time it was so bad. He wasn’t eating or drinking. I notice it one morning and by the end of the day we were at the vet for an emergency visit with various testing done. We couldn’t wait until the next day since he began meowling (cat howl) and hissing for no reason. I’m glad he is not gravely sick and all his testing came out ok. He just needed meds, and a few days to recuperate.

Our vet bill was  $429.00. I’m glad we had our savings but this has made me realize perhaps we need to save more. We don’t have pet insurance (it would be very costly now since all our cats are seniors) and honestly it’s not something we are interested in due to the fact the rates are horrendous and come with limits of what it covers. We have a goal of having enough savings for at least 6 month living expenses right now (roughly $12,000). I’m thinking of adding $2,000 to that for our 3 cats.

Does that seem ridiculous? I don’t think so. I know pets are not people but they do deserve a level of responsibility that should be a priority. Let’s be real. Pets are property. Unfortunately there are many pet owners out there that take that to heart. I’m always shock to hear from people a cat or dog died because they were careless with their “property.” I know I’m not one of those pet owners because I make it a daily habit to care for them. It is second nature for me. Even when I’m on vacation I told my husband many times “Our cats want to go home”, knowing they are more comfortable roaming around “their” house than other people’s home.

Do you have savings set aside if your a pet parent? Btw that is a horrible  picture angle of Jager. He is a healthy weight for his size (according to the vet). 15 lbs of fierce.




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