WTF. “Auditioning” For A Job On Skype.

No friends, I did not audition for a job. Actually I turned it down nicely due to the fact that my sarcastic personality wouldn’t work with ANY company that calls interviews “Auditions”. Especially if they only do Skype interviews. This for a part-time job that manages to mask what a shitty job it could have been. Let’s just say I’m only comfortable (somewhat) doing a Skype interview if it was for say a 2nd or 3rd interview. Come on now companies… what’s wrong with face to face interviews? Don’t you know I look forward to awkward silences, your HR reading from a clipboard, and your managers just sitting back letting the assistant manager do most of the interviews?

I know I want a job, but even I know how I wouldn’t last in a job that keeps up with the pretense of their company culture is a lifestyle. I don’t know what I was thinking applying for that job. Probably because part time jobs are rare during this season where I live. So I emailed the interviewer I declined the interview due to the fact my internet isn’t reliable enough to Skype (which is true btw). I don’t regret it one bit. After searching on for reviews, I realized my decision was right for me.

I’m still looking for a part-time job right now. I’m a little worried the longer I am without a conventional job, the more my resume is slipped in to the reject pile. I tend to keep my ebay/amazon business journey on the down low from them.



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