Every Resume Needs an Update Periodically.

As of right now I have 3 resumes. They are similar to each other but are catered for different positions. Can you believe this is probably not enough? I updated one of them to look more appropriate for office type positions. It wasn’t difficult ( working in sales has given me the ability to embellish the positives and downplay the negatives) and took me maybe 20 minutes. Let’s hope some lucky company will fall for it and hire me.

Hey I am quite the catch and extremely versatile with most personality types. I just so happen to see through most BS and PROBABLY have a bad habit of being a condescending bitch to idiotic people who are within the same position as me.

Did you update/create a new resume lately? It can also give a boost in your self esteem because really you are more than a piece of paper. It just so happened you have to fit your best self on it.


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