July Monthly Progress: Savings $2400.00

Yes  I know. What happened in July? LIFE happened. We had a family pet emergency, the few hundred we charged for our CA vacation, sewage yearly dues, car registrations, and an extra mortgage (we pay biweekly) visit us the month of July. Those things add up for sure. Our pet emergency was the highest being at $449.00. It has definitely hit our egos a bit but this is not the first time this happened. I remember during our engagement my husband’s car transmission had to be replaced. We paid that car repair out of our savings instead of him buying a new car. That was nearly  $5000.00. So this month was a bit tight but hopefully next month will be better.

I didn’t hit my eBay goal of  $2500.00 but at least I sold $1900.00. Let’s hope my two biggest sales ($350 & $167) don’t get returned because that would really bring our savings down. It’s great that my profits is able to pay my side of the bills and buy groceries/house necessities but it would be nice to finally add considerably more to our savings. I’m hoping 4th quarter sales will be such a success that doing this as my source of income was the right choice.

What goal should I set for eBay sales for the month of August? I think $2000.00 is prudent but I will shoot again for $2500.00. I hope the month of August will be good for you.


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