Thrifted Closet: Knee High Flat Pirate Boots $2

This is a start of a new series. It has been a while since my last one (Thrifted Treasures). Now I’m ready for a new one. This will probably be between 20-25 weeks depending on how I feel. Thrifted Closet is me blogging about clothing and accessories I find for myself.

My closet definitely needs a make-over. I already donated most of my suits that didn’t fit or didn’t flatter my figure. I also got rid of clothing that seemed too trendy or started to look a little too used. Now I need a new wardrobe. Yet like most Americans out there I’m on a very limited budget. I don’t have the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on new clothes a month(Like back in the old days of not having a mortgage and insurances). This is fine by me.  I love a financial challenge.

Luckily I’m already past the stage of wanting to look cute for guys. Also the man in my life attraction to me isn’t based on how cute I look ( if it were up to him I’d be naked. TMI?). I’m also ready to find clothes that definitely have more versatility and flatters my voluptuous (with flappy arms and cellulite because I’m a real person) figure.

Let’s start this shall we?


Knee High Flat Pirate Boots $2


I kid you not! I got these at the goodwill pound store for $2. I rarely find good shoes at the one I go to, so finding these really made my day. At first I was going to sell them (who aren’t looking for them?) but they were my size.

I actually sold my favorite pirate boots (they were brown but with heels) because I wore them less and less. I had them for years and wore them with jeans and skirts. They were comfortable enough but not really designed for walking for hours. I’m hoping these boots (Bakers) will fill that void. I like how I don’t have to fold the hem down if I don’t want to. I think these will go well with skirts of any length, legging, and over skinny jeans.

Btw those are not my legs. Its fabric boot holders I also found at the thrift store ($3).



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