I Have A Part Time Job:)

That’s right. This girl (woman, or whatever)has a job. Albeit it’s part time and I’m overqualified for it ,I’m  still very excited. The hours range from 5 to 30 hours a week. Most people would turned off with a job prospect like that but not me. It works perfectly because the rest of the time I’m selling on eBay/Amazon. I can’t tell you what it is exactly because my paranoia of them finding out what I do eBay/Amazon may be a conflict of interest (especially if they are noticing I’m buying shit load of their products on deep discount).

I enjoy selling on eBay/Amazon but with all companies comes changes. Lately I haven’t been enjoying these changes and has cause me to question how far I want to stick with eBay/Amazon. So this job adds a little financial security for me and gives me the opportunity to “embellish” my resume more.


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