One Year Since I left My Job

I didn’t realize this until I looked at my calendar. It has been one year since I left my stable job. Stable being I was a long time employee, loved/liked by most, had a steady clientele who were considered regulars, one of the few who has never had a write up, and one who understood which secrets to keep and which to tell. I left because I wasn’t happy. I stayed because of the stability. So why did I leave? My breaking point to be honest was my mom died last year with the result leaving me a shell of my former self.

I don’t think I was a horrible employee because at one point this year I received a call from them asking me to come back. They called because they probably received a bunch of reference checks and didn’t want to lose me. At that point I was tempted to go back. It would have helped financially but mentally I knew I was going to leave again at the next opportunity. Why wouldn’t I go back? I didn’t want to return to the drama, the many ways I was taken advantage of, and I knew I wasn’t a lifetime employee at that place. This was one of the BEST decisions of my life.

I know lately it seems I was having trouble find a job but I always had eBay/Amazon. Behind my rants of job hunting was me listing, thrifting, listing, and even more thrifting. I always made enough to last me from month to month but wasn’t saving anything. Summer sales were okay yet I was literally working harder than before. Not once did I ever said to myself “Maybe I should go back.” Not returning there pushed me to find ways to make money and really discover what I want to do. I didn’t return because I had pride (working there literally destroyed it). It was because that environment was toxic mentally. I still haven’t found what I want to do but at least I’m not there wishing I wasn’t working there.

This past year I was able to spend more time with my husband. The money isn’t coming in as much as it use to but we are so happy. During times of financial restraints we reminded ourselves the time spent with each other is more precious than cash. My online business has given me the ability to spend more quality with him and my family. Last year was the first year I was able to spend Christmas on time and didn’t have to leave early or arrive to a cold meal saved by my sister. Last year was the first Christmas I actually opened my presents on Christmas Eve in 7 years.

I hope next year to have a better success story than this. I have a post it note taped to my desk “Silver Power Seller by 2015, $12,000 Savings Goal.” I hope to achieve the first one at least. I’m not the only who has ever done this. There are thousands of sellers out there who have a more success story than me.

Who knows where next year will take me. I just know my business is growing and I’m getting better. Perhaps my dream of wandering away from eBay isn’t too far away.


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