Budget Travels: Planning For Our 1 Year Anniversary Mini Vacation: Disneyland

My husband and I decided that we are going to celebrate our one year anniversary at Disneyland. Yes we are those crazy couples who likes Disney. This is special though. This is the first time we are going to Disneyland together. We have both been to Disneyland numerous times with our families but with each other? Never. It was always something we intended to do but never had the time or funds. We don’t have the funds right now but we’re both hankering for another mini vacation. I already have an idea on what we are spending so here it is:

Hotel 3 nights: $460 (Already booked at a hotel within walking distance)

Tickets $360 ( Avg price for 2 people one park per day/ 2 days total)

Restaurants/Food: $300 (We  love food)

Gas/Transportation: $160 (Driving there and includes parking $)

Total: $1300+.

I know this is pretty high already. Yes we can always cut down on food cost, stay for only two nights but we felt it is worth it (to us) to splurge on those two things. Having that extra day in CA will allow us to use our Disney tickets to its full potential per day. We are planning for one day in Disneyland and the other at  California Adventure. The first day will be spent at Downtown Disney since we won’t be driving until mid afternoon (Hubs gets off work).We didn’t feel the park hopper price was worth it since we would rather put that extra $60 toward a table restaurant for our dinner.

The vacation is still months away so this will give me enough time to plan how to pay for it and an itinerary to maximize our visit. Right now we don’t have anything saved for it, but we currently have enough reward points to pay for the tickets by the time we are cashing them out.

I plan to sell more on eBay/Amazon and save most of my part-time money for this trip. In the back of my mind I know we should be contributing to our dwindling savings. I reminded myself this may be an expensive trip but it’s best to take these trips now before we really start to get tied down with kids.

Next Budget Travel blog will be a list of blog articles on saving money on Disney trips. Anybody care to direct me to a good article/ website? I already have a few in mind.



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